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Notary Services in London

Notary Services in London

Notary services in London can be accessed by both natural persons or legal entities that need to obtain certain documents which must be certified or notarized. The services of a notary public in London are of absolute necessity for those who want to start a business in this country, as some of the basic documents required for any company in the UK must be submitted with the local institutions in their notarized version.

What are the basic notary services in London?

Common services that can be offered by a notary public in London refer to the notarization of various documents. One of our most common services refers to the notarization of the power of attorney, a document though which a person (be it an individual or legal entity) grants the right to another person or to a representative to act on its behalf in a specific legal matter or in multiple legal situations.

In order to have this right, the power of attorney must always be notarized, or otherwise the document won’t be recognized as a valid paper, under the British law. A notary public in London will commonly notarize documents such as: contracts, agreements regarding the purchase of a real estate property (the notary will notarize the final document, when the parties agreed on the terms and have started the transaction itself) and any other type of contract.

Our notary services in London are recognized at a global level if you need the respective document in the relation with the authorities of another country. Likewise, our services can also be requested by persons who have documents issued in other jurisdictions that must be used while being in the UK. Here, our notary in London can be of service.

Natural persons can easily address to our notary for the notarization or the certification of common documents, such as passports, driving licenses, proof of address documents and other papers regarding the identity of a natural person. Our office is also ready to assist foreigners with certified translation of documents.

The procedure can only be done with the assistance of a certified translator, especially when we refer to binding documents, such as contracts that must respect certain provisions and regulations. This can be the case of translations for the articles of association of a company, the certificate of incorporation of a business, marriage certificates and others. For more details, you can request extensive information from our notary public in London.

What are the basic fees charged for notary services in London?

The fees charged by a notary public in London can vary based on the type of service required by the client, the number of documents that need to notarized, the nature of the client (natural person or legal entity) and other such factors. It must be noted that notary services in London have higher fees compared to other regions of the country, as the demand is higher here. Some of the fees can have the following prices:

  • the fees for a conveyancing document can vary greatly, from GBP 100 to GBP 1000;
  • the legalization of a document for clients who require an urgent service (completed in the same day) can be charged with GBP 75 minimum;
  • persons who need a lasting power of attorney can pay a fee of GBP 300;
  • those who want to draw a will in front of a notary in London can pay GBP 150;
  • certifying a document that will be used in the UK can cost GBP 75, while international documents can be charged with GBP 120.

Is the notary profession regulated in the UK?

Most of the notaries in the UK are members of the Notaries Society, a body that represents the interests of this profession. It must be noted that notaries in the UK must have a degree in their field and that this profession is assimilated to the legal system in the UK.

This means that a notary in London or elsewhere in the UK must respect specific regulations and it is also worth knowing that specific notarial activities can only be done be certain types of notaries, who are specialized in notarizing and legalizing certain documents.

The rights and the obligations that are applied to a notary public in London are stipulated under the Legal Services Act 2007. Those interested in this profession must also know that this represents the oldest branch associated with legal practice in the UK, even though it is the smallest branch of activity.

Please contact us for more information on our notary services in London. The list of activities that our office can provide is extensive and it is not limited to the services we have presented in this article. Our team can provide consular legalization as well.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and/or a foreign embassy or consulate for the nation where the document is to be presented validate the notary public’s signature and seal through the legalization procedure. After the Apostilled is attached to the document, several nations, mostly in the Middle East, still want this further consular legalization procedure. Get in touch with our notary in Canary Wharf to know if your country needs further legalization or not.