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Notary Public in Walthamstow

Notary Public in Walthamstow

Walthamstow is a large district of the London Borough of Waltham Forest, which was included in the London Greater Area. If you are living here or if you develop a business activity in this region, you can always rely on the services provided by our notary public in Walthamstow. Our notary services are designed in order to cover the needs of both individuals and natural persons who are residents here, as well as of those who are foreigners who need notarial services.

A notary public in London is allowed to prepare documents for those who travel abroad for various legal purposes and can easily address to our notary for this service as well.

How can our notary public in Walthamstow assist individuals?

Unlike businesses, where the array of papers needed are more or less related to various matters pertaining to the company’s environment, in the case of individuals, the papers that can be notarized or authenticated are more diverse, given the types of legal situations that can occur throughout a person’s lifetime. Our notary in London is prepared to assist natural persons in the following:

  • preparing a power of attorney that can be signed for a single legal purpose or for multiple purposes and preparing the lasting power of attorney, through which an individual grants another individual long-lasting rights;
  • preparing certified copies of identity documents and assistance in the procedures imposed when a person loses his or her identity documents;
  • preparing the documents involved in the transfer of ownership (property, shares and others);
  • certifying documents and diplomas issued by the local education institutions;
  • preparing the apostille and the certification of documents in the relation with the consulates of other countries;
  • preparing various documents related to international adoption and other immigration related situations.

Our notary public in Walthamstow can assist natural persons who want to surrender their current nationality and can also represent them in various overseas situations – purchasing properties and expensive goods, preparing documents for minor children who travel abroad with one of their parents and others.

How can our notary public in Walthamstow help businesses?

If you have a business in Walthamstow or you are interested in setting up a business here or expanding a business in this area, you can rely on our notary services in London for any matter that is related to the existence of a company, from its incorporation to its dissolution, as various types of documents have to be prepared by a notary.

Our notary public in Walthamstow can prepare the power of attorney for any corporate entity (such as the limited liability company or the joint stock company) as well as for partnerships. The company’s documents necessary when the legal entity is founded can be completed through our notary in London and here, our notary can help you draw and sign the articles of association, the memorandum, notarizing the certificate of incorporation, prepare the certificate of good standing.

You can also rely on our notary services in London if you need to obtain certified copies of company minutes, reports, company resolutions and other relevant documents. If you need an affidavit for your company, our notary can help you, and you can also address to our specialist for any legal document related to the protection of intellectual property rights.

Those who want to open a branch office or a subsidiary of a foreign company that will operate in Walthamstow can easily receive all the necessary legal support from our notary public in London. Of course, you can receive apostille services and the legalization of documents.

What are the fees for an apostille in the UK?

An apostille represents an official stamped certificate, through which one confirms that a certain document is legal and recognized by the officials of a country; this can be a required legal procedure when the authorities of another country require additional confirmation of the identity of the entity that provides the respective service. The following fees apply:

  • according to the website of the UK Government, the standard fee for obtaining the apostille is of GBP 30;
  • if the document needs to be delivered somewhere in the UK, you must know that additional price will be of GBP 5.50/1.5 kg;
  • delivering of apostille documents in the European countries (here, you should check the current situation with our notary public in Walthamstow, as not all European countries are included on the list) costs GBP 14.50/1.5 kg;
  • delivering of papers in other countries costs GBP 25/1.5 kg;
  • the processing of the documents generally lasts 10 days, and to this you should also add the time spent with the delivery of the documents.

If you want to know more on the notary services in London available for you, do not hesitate to address to our notary public in Walthamstow. Our notary can present the full list of services and can assist you in the steps that you should take in a given situation.