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Notary Services in UK

Notary Services in UK

A notary public is a legal professional who prepares, witnesses, and certifies the documents that tend to use outside the UK. In addition, notaries oversee foreign legal matters and the formal documents of individuals used outside the UK. Sometimes notaries play the role of solicitors, but solicitors are not qualified as notaries as often. A notary public in UK regulates its tasks under the Legal Services Act 2007, which allows probate activities, notarial activities, administration of oaths, etc.

You can get in touch with our notary public in London to legalize documents to use abroad. The experienced team members at our UK notary can help you in this regard. You can also get our notary services in Holborn.

Why are notaries important?

Notaries are essential because they rectify any chance of fraud or counterfeiting. For example, if an organization drafts a document and the person required to sign the document will perform this action in front of a UK notary. In this way, the notary will verify the legal capacity of that individual, his/her authority to sign the document, his/her understanding of the document, and the notary public in UK will also validate the identity of the individual signing the document. The notaries take all these steps to provide and prevail secure documentation and restrict any chance of scam in the procedures.

The documents sealed by the notaries are treated as truthful evidence internationally. Some countries rely not only on the notarized document but also on a legalized document for further authentication. Notaries have their unique official seals, which are engraved with a personal symbol. If you need any notarization of documents in the UK, you can trust the services of our notary public in UK. It will provide you with signed and sealed documents that you can use internationally as a piece of authentic evidence.

Do notaries have the power to administer oaths in the UK?

Yes, notaries are the Commissioner for Oaths, and they exercise their power of administering the oaths and affirmations. In this procedure, an individual signing the document also takes oath in front of a notary public in UK regarding whatever is mentioned in the document is valid. In any case, if it proves that the person has taken a false oath, he/she may face criminal prosecutions for committing perjury. It confirms that a notary public in UK covers all the aspects to avoid any slight fraud in the documentation. A UK notary also has to ensure that the person signing the document is doing so by his/her free will and understands the outcome of these signatures.

You can rely on the services of our seasoned team members. They provide their notary services in London, and they will guide you in detail about the consequences of the documents you are signing. You can also get the assistance of our team members in Lewisham regarding the notarization of documents.

What kind of documents need notarization in the UK?

Our skilled team members at notary public in UK can draft, certify and notarize the following documents:

  • Affidavits;
  • Powers of attorney;
  • Change of name deeds;
  • Divorce decree;
  • Adoption parents;
  • Verification of documents to assist the incorporation of a company or a branch;
  • Company documents, like resolutions, memorandum, and Articles of Association;
  • Bank instruction letters;
  • Permission for children traveling with a sole parent;
  • Educational certificate’s attestation;
  • Property documents for use in foreign states;
  • Statutory declarations for the verification of the director’s identity;
  • Certificates of retirement;
  • Certified translations;
  • Sponsorship declarations and many other documents.

Different countries require different notarization levels, so our notary public in UK will notarize your documents accordingly. You are also welcomed to obtain our notary services in Woolwich.

Organization of notaries in the UK

In England and Whales, notaries are one of the oldest branches of the legal profession. The job of notary organizations includes international representation and the development of professional standards.  Please find below the information regarding the organization of notaries in England and Whales:

  • Out of 775 notaries, 725 notaries are a member of the Notaries Society;
  • This society has one president, one secretary, and 15 members;
  • 30 notaries in England and Whales belong to the Society of Scrivener Notaries.

Contact our UK notary if you need any assistance regarding the notarization of documents. Besides notary services in London, we also provide our services in other parts of the United Kingdom. Our experienced teammates can further guide you thoroughly about how you can obtain a notarized document in the UK.