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Fees for Notary Services in London

Fees for Notary Services in London

Those providing notary services in London will charge various fees for such services. The fees associated with these services will vary from one notary to another, but also on the type of service the client has requested. Generally speaking, a notary public in London will provide three basic types of services: the notarization of documents, the authentication of documents and the certified translation of papers, in English or other languages.

 Quick Facts  
Notary definition A person authorized to perform certain legal formalities, for example to draw up or certify contracts, deeds, and other documents for use in other countries.

 What type of services are provided by our notary in London?

Our notary in London notarizes documents and lessen the chances of counterfeiting.

Contact us for a detalied list of services.

Which documents are notarized by our team?

 – sale deeds,

– wills,

– adoption acts,

– medical documents etc.

On which basis does a UK notary charge service fee?

– per document basis;

– hourly basis

 Standard fee for an apostille in UK


Standard fee for the translation of a document

£129 + VAT

Fee for urgent notary certification

£30 – 75

Is UK signatory to Hague convention? (Yes/No)


The office that issues apostille stamp

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)

Do UK notaries charge higher fees for corporate documents? (Yes/No) Yes, because it involves more workload. 
Are the notaries employed/funded by UK government? (Yes/No)


 Are UK notaries self-employed? (Yes/No)


Variation in fee structure depending upon documents or urgency

Yes, prices may vary depending upon the nature of document or urgency of matter.

Are UK notary services available for local/international individuals?


 Notary in London provides electronic notarization (Yes/No) Yes 
 Prices for notary services dedicated to business owners Special prices that can be higher compared to the ones for natural persons 

 Is it possible to send documents by post?

 Yes, we can manage and notarize the documents received by postal services in London.

 Can a Certificate of Good Standing be notarized? (YES/NO)


 In how many countries is the document notarized in UK recognized? Around 82, as part of the Hague Convention 
 Translation for marriage certificates in London

 Marriage certificates can be translated and authenticated by our team of specialists at notary public in London.

 Educational documents that can be notarized in London

Degree certificates, diplomas, school reports issued in UK can be legalized and used abroad. 

Fees for legalized educational documents (approx.) 

 Starting at GBP 30

 Costs for marriage/divorce certificates notarized in UK

 Personalized offers can be provided to our customers. 

 Notarization based on appointment in London (YES/NO)


 Same-day notarization services (YES/NO) Yes, but prices might differ from the standard ones.
 Documents that cannot be apostilled

 – membership certificates for ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants),

– criminal records,

– fingerprint certificates, etc.

What kind of documents be used for notarization? 

We work only with original documents. 

 Notary services for all nationalities in UK  (YES/NO)


 Time frame to legalize a document 

Around 3 to 5 days 

 Why choose our notary public services in London?

 We offer:

– professional advice,

– fast document legalization process,

– affordable notary prices,

– no hidden fees

These three basic types of services can be provided to natural persons and to legal entities, and differences in pricing may appear here as well. Generally speaking, a notary in London is allowed to establish its own pricing system and the fees can vary greatly, as the services provided by this legal profession are in high demand, given the large population of the city and also of the fact that London is a major global financial hub.

What are the basic principles on fees for notary services in London?

From the beginning, it must be mentioned that the fees of a notary public in London can vary based on the types of services offered. Although there are three major services, certain notaries are specialized in certain activities (such as conveyancing), and this can lead to higher fees.

The basic principle for establishing the notary fee in London will require his or her client to have the document the client needs at the center. This means that most of the notaries will charge a fee per each document that needs to be authenticated, notarized, or translated.

However, it is also worth knowing that notaries in the UK can charge a fee per hour worked on the set of papers the clients provided. This situation generally applies when the volume of documents is rather large, in which case, the notary will have to analyze a complex set of aspects to issue a specific certification.

The value of the fee will also vary based on the nature of the client. Documents that need to be notarized or authenticated for natural persons will be charged with lower fees, unlike corporate documents, where higher fees will apply. In the case in which one needs to have an official document translated into another language, the translation of the document can be charged on an hourly basis.

Please be aware that a notary in London will almost always charge a fee for the services provided because, as a general rule, in the UK, there aren’t any free notary services. This is given by the fact that notaries are private entities or self-employed persons, who are not employed by the local government or funded by it, but if you search for a cheap notary public in London, you can always find various offices where legal services are not charged with a high fee.

Persons who need an apostille will need to pay a fee of GBP 30, which is the standard fee imposed by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. This fee is charged directly by the institution, but the notary will also require the payment of a fee for the services he or she provided. In urgent matters, the apostille can be issued after the payment of a fee of GBP 75.

Below is an infographic with information on this topic:

What are the notary public London fees for translation services?

Certified translations are necessary for a wide range of situations, that can be necessary for individuals or corporate entities. The translation is always concluded by a person who is specialized in a specific foreign language (or more) and who has a legal background, as there are numerous legal terms that have to translated in accordance with the law of the country for which the respective translation is necessary.

The translation of official documents can be completed at any notary public, including a cheap notary public in London, as this is one of the standard notarial services one can obtain in the UK. If you need to translate a document that you need for various purposes, you should know that our notary public in London can offer expedited services.

This means that if your legal matter is an urgent one, the document can be translated in maximum 24 hours, and, depending on its nature, even faster – for instance, one can receive a certified translation in one hour (this is, however, possible for only certain types of documents).

However, if you want to receive expedited translation services, the notary public London fees will be higher than the standard pricing system. For documents that need urgent translation, that can be done in 1-2 hours, our notary will normally apply a surcharge of GBP 10.

The notary public London fees for the translation of documents can vary greatly and in order for you to have a general outlook on what such prices can be, we will present here some of the usual fees we can charge for specific documents. For instance, if you need a certified translation of a document, the fee can be of GBP 20 per page (the A4 format).

A notary certification can cost GBP 25, but you must also known that the fees increase based on the quality of the document (illegible handwriting, low-quality legal photocopy, and other similar issues can increase the final fee charged by the notary in London). For documents that require the assistance of a specialist in a given field, such as medical documents, scientific documents, etc., the notary public London fees can increase by GBP 5-10.

Below, you can watch a presentation on the main fees for notary services in London:

What documents can be translated by our notary public in London?

As a general rule, our notary in London can translate any type of document that is necessary for a person/company, as long as the respective document falls under the supervision of a notary. However, most of the documents that are recognized in the UK can be reviewed, signed, notarized or translated by a notary, as this is the purpose of this legal profession.

Still, on a day-to-day basis, our notary in London will generally deal with the translation of documents such as: divorce certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, adoption applications, medical documents – such as the interpretation of a diagnosis provided by a medical specialist or the translation of medical reports issued by various medical clinics and hospitals, or the translation of documents necessary for immigration matters, such as visa applications.

The notary public London fees charged for these documents can slightly vary and this is why we recommend you to address our company for personalized assistance and information on the fee that you will need to pay for a given document. The above mentioned documents do not refer to business matters, but our team can easily provide translation notary services in London for companies as well.

If you need to translate an official document into English, that you will use in the relation with the British authorities, you must know that you need a certified translation, which refers to the actual translation of the document, along with the signature and the stamp of the person who has the legal right to perform the translation.

All notaries in London, including those who operate as cheap notary public in London, are required to complete a certified translation, which will contain the following: a declaration of the person who made the translation, in which he or she states that the translation is accurate with the original meaning of the document, the date at which the translation was completed, and the name and the contact information of the person who translated the document.

What are the average fees of a notary in London?

As we presented above, the notary fees are influenced by a set of aspects. Generally speaking, most of the fees include the value added tax as well. Most of the notaries in London will follow the guidance of the Notaries Society on establishing prices for various services. Some common costs one should expect are as follows:

  • persons who need an apostille should expect to pay GBP 35-55;
  • a notary in London can charge GPB 150-300 (and it can increase to approximately GBP 400) per hour in the case in which the documents are to be treated following this fee system;
  • documents related to conveyancing services in London can be charged with fees ranging from GBP 100 per document to GBP 1000;
  • those who need a certification from the Commissioner of Oaths will pay a fee of GBP 10, but additional small costs can be charged as well;
  • the lowest fees of a cheap notary public in London can be charged with GBP 55-60.

In the case of those who are interested in notarizing various document, it must be noted that the fees charged by the notary public in London can vary from GBP 50 to GBP 150. Depending on the type of work that the notary has to perform, the client can benefit from certain discounts.

The legalization of documents has lower costs in general, ranging from GBP 10 to GBP 75. In certain cases, the costs will be calculated taking into consideration the courier charge. In legal matters related to wills and inheritance, the fees of the notary in London can vary from GBP 75 to GBP 1200. In some cases, the notary will charge a percentage from the value of the estate he or she has to administer when making the ownership transfer. We invite you to contact our notary public in London for more information on our fee scheme. Besides this, you can also get in touch with our notary in Canary Wharf. Our notary offers all types of notarial certificates, apostille legalization, consular, and translation services, among other notarial services. In some circumstances, our agents may examine and verify your evidence of identification and passport paperwork against many different data sources using an online computerized Anti-Money Laundering Search identity verification system.

Our team can offer a detailed list of the notary public London fees that we charge for various services; at the same time, we can offer answers to any of your inquiries and we’ll gladly try and help you complete different legal situations as soon as possible.