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Notary Public in Woolwich

Notary Public in Woolwich

Persons living in Woolwich or those representing a company operating in Woolwich or a company that that will be set up here can request our notary services in London. A notary public in Woolwich can assist in a large variety of matters needed by both individuals and corporate entities located in London or in other parts of the UK, but it is necessary to know that our notary can also represent those who need notarized documents in other jurisdictions.

How can our notary public in Woolwich represent clients in overseas matters?

Although numerous notary services required by our clients relate to domestic legal matters, given the large share of the immigrant population living in the UK, our notary public in Woolwich also deals with the notarization and authentication of documents that are used in the relation with the authorities of foreign countries. Some of the regular papers our notary in London usually prepare in this case are the following:

  • authenticating powers of attorney for individuals or corporate entities that can be used overseas;
  • preparing documents related to the sale or the purchase or properties owned in foreign countries;
  • preparing a will in accordance with the national legislation of the country where a person is a citizen;
  • preparing legal documents related to the administration of estates in foreign countries;
  • authentication of personal documents commonly used for immigration matters;
  • our notary public in Woolwich can prepare documents for overseas marriage, employment or studies.

Depending on the country where such documents are needed, our notary public in Woolwich may need to add the apostille to the file, which is a document issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (which was closed in September 2020 and which merged with the Department of International Development and thus creating a new entity, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office) stating the signature and the seal of the notary that has prepared the respective file of documents.

Through this, the UK authorities show that the procedure is authentic and reliable, and done in accordance with the regulations applicable in the respective country and it shows that our notary public in Woolwich is a registered entity, entitled to handle notarial documents. If you need the apostille for your documents, you will have to expect the following:

  • persons in need of an apostille will have to pay a fee of GBP 30, this being the standard fee;
  • to this, you should add the cost associated with the transportation of the documents (through courier of postal services), which, in the UK, are calculated per 1.5 kg;
  • documents sent in the UK cost GBP 5.50/1.5 kg, those sent in most of the European countries cost GBP 14.50/1.5 kg, and documents sent elsewhere are charged with GBP 25/1.5 kg;
  • the standard application process is generally completed in a period of 10 days;
  • if you need the apostille to be issued in an urgent manner, there is the possibility of a premium service, which is charged with GBP 75 and which can be completed in the same day.

Notary services in London for corporate entities

Our notary public in Woolwich is ready to assist corporate entities in numerous legal matters, which can be required from the moment in which the entity is incorporated and registered with the local institutions to the expansion of the company (by opening branch offices, mergers, etc.) or to its dissolution.

One of the basic corporate notary services in London refers to the company’s statutory documents. All corporate entities, such as limited liability companies or public limited companies, acquire legal personality through their statutory documents, the articles of association and the memorandum, which have to be drafted and signed in front of a notary public.

Our notary can prepare the power of attorney for corporate matters, which grants specific rights to a person who has the power to act on behalf of the company. In the case in which a company owns property, our notary public in Woolwich has the necessary legal expertise in handling sale and purchase contracts and can supervise the ownership transfer.

You can also rely on our notary services in London for intellectual property matters related to trademarks and patent documents. For corporate clients, our notary will ask for certain documents, regardless of the type of paper that needs to be authenticated or notarized. The same rule is applicable to individuals, but in their case, only identity documents or document showing their residence are required. You are invited to contact our notary public in Woolwich for assistance on the documents you should prepare upon the meeting with our specialist.