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Notary Public in Wimbledon

Notary Public in Wimbledon

If you live in Wimbledon or if you need notarial services in Wimbledon, our notary public in London has an office in this region, where you can receive the necessary assistance for various personal or commercial documents. Our notary public in Wimbledon has the legal expertise in providing notary services to both natural persons and legal entities.

When can one need the services of a notary public in Wimbledon?

There are plenty of situations in which a person may need to address to a notary public in Wimbledon and one of the common situations is when an individual needs to have his or her identity documents certified, which can be used for various purposes (this usually happens in the relation with the local or international institutions, when a person needs to prepare a file in accordance with the requirements of the law). Our notary services in London include the following:

  • our notary public in Wimbledon can provide the same service for international sale or purchase of properties;
  • preparing certified copies of certificates and other diplomas obtained by a person;
  • preparing the power of attorney which can be used on the UK territory or on foreign territories;
  • providing certified translations of contracts or of other documents with the assistance of a certified translator;
  • providing assistance to those who need to present their legal status on foreign territories (married, divorced, widowed);
  • notarizing the documents related to the sale of a property (or its purchase) in the UK.

One can easily address to our notary public in Wimbledon for the purpose of obtaining a duplicate of lost documents, such as passports and other identity documents. It must be noted that our team can prepare an affidavit or can obtain an apostille and provide legalization services.

What notary services are necessary for international documents?

Persons who who need to have various documents notarized for foreign jurisdictions may need additional notarial services than the ones necessary for the same documents presented to the local institutions. Thus, a document that you may need on a foreign territory will require notarization services, but, in certain situations, the document may also need an apostille.

The apostille is an official paper which states that our notary public in Wimbledon is certified for acting as a notary public, and which also confirms the identity of the said notary. The apostille represents a type of certification provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which now operates under a new name, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

What is the data on notaries in the UK?

Being a notary in the UK represents a very old profession that has been established in this country. It represents one of the oldest branches related to law services in the UK. A notary public in Wimbledon can provide various services and it must be observed that a notary is also entitled to act as a solicitor, but for this, additional licenses and certifications have to be obtained. With regards to this profession, one should know the following:

  • currently, there are approximately 800 notaries public operating in the UK;
  • out of these, 725 are registered members of the Notaries Society;
  • a large number of the public notaries registered here operate as solicitors as well (approximately 150 notaries);
  • the profession and the services delivered by notaries are regulated under the Legal Services Act 2007;
  • notary fees vary greatly based on the region and the notarial service delivered to a client, but for example, a notary public in Wimbledon can charge GBP 100 per 1 hour of work.

What services are available for companies in Wimbledon?

As presented earlier, a notary public in Wimbledon can also assist businesses, both local and foreign, to authenticate or notarize various documents. When starting a company in London, the commercial legislation stipulates that a legal entity can gain legal personality based on its founding documents, which, prior to being registered with the local authorities, have to be notarized in front of a notary public.

Our notary public in Wimbledon can help you draft and sign the articles of association of a company or the partnership agreement, depending on the selected business form. Our notary can also help foreign companies in the process of registering a subsidiary, by preparing the required papers. Our notary services in London for companies include authenticating deeds and powers of attorney as well. Please contact our public notary in Wimbledon for more information on how we can help you in a given situation.