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Notary Public in Luton

Notary Public in Luton

Notary services are required for those who want to have certified certain documents. Both individuals and law firms may request the services of our notary public in Luton. Find out in this article what services you can access if you contact our notaries in Luton.

 Quick Facts  
What is a notary public? A person allowed to perform legal formalities, for example to draw up or certify contracts, deeds, and other documents for use in other countries.

What kind of services does our notary in Luton offer?

Our notary in Luton notarizes documents and lessen the chances of counterfeiting. Contact us for a detailed list of services.

Which documents are notarized by our team?

– sale deeds,

– deed of trust,

– wills,

– rental agreement,

– adoption acts,

– medical documents,

– power of attorney,

– guaranty acts, etc.

On which basis does a notary in Luton charge services fees? Our notary in Luton charges fee on document basis or hourly basis.


Fee for an apostille in UK

The standard fee is GBP30.

Fee for translation of a document

The standard fee is £129 + VAT

Fee for urgent notary certification

£30 – £75

Is UK signatory to Hague convention?

Yes, UK is signatory to the Hague convention.

Which office issues apostille stamps in UK? Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)
Do Luton notary charge higher fees for corporate documents? (Yes/No)

Yes, because it involves more load of work.

Are the notaries employed/funded by the UK government? (Yes/No)

No, they are not employed/funded by the UK government.

Notaries are self-employed in UK?

Yes, they are self-employed.

Different fees

The fee may vary based on the nature of documents or urgency of matter. 

Are Luton notary services available for local/international individuals? For both of them 
Electronic notarization Yes, our notary in Luton provides electronic notarization. 

Basic notary services in Luton – How we can help

There are a number of legalization services offered by our notary public in Luton. Among them, we mention the following:

  1. Power of attorney – is the most sought-after document obtained from a notary. With this act, you can empower someone to deal with various legal actions.
  2. Contract for the sale and purchase of a home – Legalization at a notary is mandatory. If you want this service you can call our notary public in Luton.
  3. Legalization of diplomas – this type of document can be authenticated in front of a notary. Legalized copies can be used for various purposes.
  4. Birth certificates – Notarizing this important document can be done with the help of a notary public in Luton.
  5. Passports and driving licenses – if you encounter formalities related to the notarization of identity documents, then you can confidently call on our specialists. We can also help you with certified translations for different types of documents.
  6. Wills – for notarizing wills you can use the services of our experts. As this is an important document, we advise you to speak with our notary public in Luton.
  7. International documents – In this situation too you can benefit from our services. It is important to have all the documents with you, to be able to do the notarization.

Please note that the services provided by the notary public in Luton comply with the Legal Services Act 2007, plus applicable international law. For a better understanding of the documents that can be legalized and notarized, we invite you to talk to our specialists. We can help both individuals and legal entities in Luton.

Notarizing a company’s documents – We offer support

Our notary public in Luton offers full service to business owners. We can deal with the founding documents, such as Articles of Association, certificate of incorporation, memorandum, etc.

Power of attorney is another necessary act for a representative of a company. With the help of this document, various legal actions can be taken. Opening an account, registering, and paying taxes are some of these situations.  If you need notarization of your corporate documents in Canary Wharf, get in touch with our agents. They will notarize all the required documents with complete due diligence so that you will not face any inconsistency in the future. Please get in touch with our notary in Canary Wharf to learn more about our services. They can practically assist you in this regard. 

Signing in the presence of a notary

An obligation of the client requesting the notarization of a document is that he must appear before the notary for signing. As a result, clients cannot sign documents and then send them to a notary for this is prohibited.
Also related to the signing of a document at the notary’s office, we remind you that you need the identity document and proof of the domicile address for the last 3 months.

Why choose our notary public in Luton?

We have experience in notarizing and legalizing different types of documents. As we know that time is precious, we will follow the steps you have and we will offer you the optimal solutions. You can rely on professionalism, efficiency, and transparency if you choose our services.

Here are some statistics about public notaries in the UK:

  • There are around 775 notaries in the UK, according to Thenotariessociety.org.
  • The Notaries Society has about 725 members.
  • The above-mentioned company is governed by a Board of 15 members.

Want to know more about notary public services in Luton? You can contact our company and schedule an appointment. We are at your disposal with any information you may be interested in.