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Notary Public in East Ham

Notary Public in East Ham

East Ham represents a part of the Greater London, and it is located in its eastern region. Persons who live in this area or develop their business activities here and who are in the search of a professional team that can offer notary services in London in the region of East Ham can address to our specialists, who have the necessary expertise in dealing with multiple types of documents.

Our notary public in East Ham can help both individuals and persons representing companies in notarizing or legalizing an extensive category of documents (incorporation documents, certification of diplomas, granting the power of attorney, authorized translation of documents, apostille, to name just some of areas of expertise of our notary public in London).

How can our notary public in East Ham help individuals?

The services provided by our notary in London are created in order to satisfy the needs of both corporate clients and natural persons. An individual may need to address to our notary public in East Ham in multiple situations, where certain documents will need the signature of a notary public – such as purchasing a property or getting married in a foreign jurisdiction. Below, we have prepared a short list of notary services in London addressed to natural persons:

  • signing the power of attorney for a legal purpose in the relation with the British authorities or with those of a foreign country;
  • signing specific documents for the purchase or the sale of a property or the transfer of the property to a new owner (our notary in London can assist in this process in the case of domestic sales or international sales of properties);
  • prepare certified copies of identity documents and obtaining duplicates of identity documents;
  • certification of translated documents and the authentication of various contracts;
  • obtaining the apostille in the case of those who need this document when dealing with the authorities of other countries where the apostille is necessary.

Rising interest for the lasting power of attorney in the UK

When requesting a power of attorney, which is a very common legal procedure done in the UK, you should know that there are several types of such documents, which grant limited or unlimited rights to a certain person. It is also necessary to know that this document can prescribe the right to perform a single action, developed at a given moment, after which it loses its validity, or it can be signed as a lasting power of attorney, a document that can be prepared by our notary public in East Ham.

The lasting power of attorney has become increasingly popular in the UK, partly due to the fact that life expectancy has increased in the last decades; this document grants specific rights to individuals selected by the person signing the document in the case in which the said person loses mental capacity and through it, one can act on behalf of the person in matters related to their property, finances or medical care. Currently, in the UK, the following are available:

  • according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), in 2015-2016, approximately 726,000 British persons signed the lasting power of attorney;
  • this represented an increase of more than 25% compared to the number of documents signed in 2014-2015;
  • in 2018, the number of lasting power of attorneys signed in the UK increased at 800,400;
  • this document can be completed by paper form or as a digital document, and, according to the United Kingdom’s Government website, from 21st of September 2020 to 27th of September 2020, there were registered 8,002 paper form lasting power of attorney and 4,927 digital documents;
  • the interest of individuals for signing this document is given by the increased life expectancy (of 84 years for men and of 92 years for women in the UK) and the cause of death, which, according to ONS, is mainly related to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in 2016.

How can our notary public in East Ham help companies?

The notary services in London are also created in order to cover all the needs of corporate clients. Such services can be provided by our notary in East Ham as well, and thus, businesses located in this area can easily reach us for advice. In the list below, one can find out few of our notary services designed for companies:

  • our notary in East Ham can draft and sign the memorandum and the articles of association of a company, which are the main documents through which a legal entity gains legal personality;
  • we can also notarize certificates of incorporation and prepare corporate powers of attorney;
  • the notary can prepare the authentication of documents that are required by foreign banks when opening a corporate bank account in a foreign jurisdiction;
  • one can address to our team for the notarization of various documents that were issued by the British institutions;
  • our team can also handle contracts, agreements, statutory declarations of affidavits.

When setting up a business in London, there are several legal procedures that have to be completed with the assistance of a notary. For instance, the company’s statutory documents must always be completed and signed in front of a notary public, in accordance with the requirements of the British law.

The signature of the notary is necessary in order to be able to submit the documents with the local incorporation authorities; otherwise, the documents will not be accepted. Our team can also prepare the documents of companies that have already been incorporated in other jurisdictions and that want to expand here.

In order for this to take place, the services of the notary in London are necessary, as the documents will have to be translated (in the case of companies that are registered in jurisdictions where the national language is different than English); the procedure has to be done with the assistance of qualified translators, who have the authorization to provide this service.

Please mind that our notary public in East Ham can provide notary services not only at our registered office, but also at the office or another location that is suitable for the investors. This is known as mobile notary public services and they can be requested in the case in which a party does not have the ability (be it physical or otherwise) to arrive at our office.

Given that most of the businessmen have a limited amount of time, we have created this service with the purpose of reducing the time spent with the completion of the legal procedure. Thus, provided that you have all the documents, our notary public will be able to help you obtain the necessary documents as soon as possible.

If this option applies, we will first discuss over the phone and we will tell you what documents you should prepare for the meeting and, if everything goes well, you can have your documents signed and notarized in due time. Depending on the type of document that needs the notarization or the certification of our notary in East Ham, you should know that we provide same-day notary services.

We invite you to watch a short video regarding our notary services in East Ham:

This means that the documents can be processed in the same day when the procedure started. But mind that this option is limited to certain types of documents – for instance, the documents involved in the sale of a property can’t be completed in the same day when our notary public in London received them, as there are numerous legal procedures and verifications that have to be done, as per the obligations the notary has.

In most of the cases, the notary may need to obtain information from certain institutions, such as the Land Registry, as such procedures can last for weeks, due to their complexity. The same applies if you need documents issued in the UK for the relation with the institutions of foreign countries.

Our notary public in London will need a sufficient amount of time in order to prepare the documents and make sure that everything is correct and in accordance with the requirements of the law, so that the clients will not experience and legal issue or impediment when they need the respective document.

You can always address to us for notary services in London in the case in which you need import-export documents, documents for the sale of a commercial property in the UK or elsewhere, if you deal with shipping activities (specific rules apply in this particular case) or when starting a joint venture project.

Through us, you can obtain the apostille issued by the Foreign Commonwealth Office – if your documents are sent to a country which needs this document. The documents handled by embassies or consular missions can also fall under the supervision of our notary public in East Ham.

What documents does our notary public in East Ham require from clients?

When requesting notary services in London, it is necessary to know that you have to prepare specific documents attesting your identity and residence, regardless of the reason you address to our notary. This is a basic requirement, as our notary public in East Ham is legally required to testify the identity of each client.

When preparing the documents that need to be notarized or authenticated, our notary will create a file and will keep the necessary evidence as records on the notarial activity. Under the UK laws, notaries must maintain the files they have worked at, along with the identity of the clients in accordance with the rules of the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. For a natural person, one must prepare identity documents, a bank statement or a tax return from the Inland Revenue. For more details, please contact our notary in London.