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Notary Public in Holborn

Notary Public in Holborn

Holborn is a district located in Central London, which is set up between south eastern part of Camden and Ward of Farringdon Without. If you have a business in this region or if you live in Holborn and you are in need of notary public services, you can address to our notary in London. Our notary public in Holborn can offer extensive notary services to individuals and companies that need notarized documents for various legal procedures required under the United Kingdom’s laws, but such documents can also be drafted and certified with the purpose of being used in other foreign jurisdictions.

What are the basic notary services for companies in Holborn?

If you have a company operating in the district of Holborn or in nearby districts, you can easily address to our notary public in London in order to book an appointment for a wide range of notary services needed for businesses.

Our notary services in London designed for companies cover all the areas that can be of interest for a businessman, from the registration of a legal entity (a procedure that is always completed with the help of a notary in London) to its dissolution. Below, you can see some of the basic ways in which our notary can help businesses:

  • UK based companies or foreign companies that will operate in the UK can benefit from notarization services (the notarization of the company’s statutory documents, the notarization of certificates of good standing, etc.);
  • our notary public in Holborn can help you with certifying documents such as the corporate power of attorney, company resolutions, company reports, minutes and others;
  • businessmen can easily rely on our notary services if they need to translate corporate documents in numerous foreign languages;
  • foreign companies that want to operate through a branch office in Holborn, London can benefit from authentication services;
  • our notary services in London also cover apostilles and affidavits.

How can individuals benefit from notary services in London?

Individuals can be required to obtain various documents as certified or notarized papers for a wide range of legal situations that can deal with almost any aspect of a person’s life. Our notary in Holborn can, thus, provide an extensive range of services. An individual can request the power of attorney from our notary, for both domestic and international matters.

Our notary can prepare documents that one can need in a court, such as depositions, sworn declarations and affidavits. One can also request our notary to prepare statutory declarations that can be used when one wants to get married in a foreign jurisdiction. Persons who have lost their identity cards or passports can also benefit from notary services in London. Furthermore, if you need the services of our notary in Canary Wharf, you should bring the unsigned paper to the notary public. The documents must not be signed in advance since the notary public will not accept the papers that have been signed in their absence. For the notary public to be able to confirm your identity, proper identification must be acquired. Your documents will be examined by the notary public after they have confirmed your identification. Sometimes notaries will draught documents for you to sign when dealing with affidavits.

Typically, our notary in Holborn can help individuals in matters related to local and international adoptions, in immigration matters, in providing certificates stating a person’s residency in the UK, in providing documents for international travels in the case of minor children traveling with one of their parents or with a legal guardian and in numerous other cases.

What are the fees of a notary public in Holborn?

Notaries are private entities that can set up their own prices for the legal services that the provide. However, the fees charged by notaries do not differ very much, especially in the case of those who operate in the same region. Still, it must be noted that notaries that operate in London will generally charge higher fees than in the case of those outside London, as the cost of living in London is higher compared to any other part of the country. In the region of Holborn, a notary can charge the following fees:

  • the minimum fee charged for a basic notarial service is of GBP 60;
  • the average price that a notary public in Holborn can charge is of GBP 60 – GBP 130;
  • when operating with complex documents, notaries will typically charge by hour, and one hour can have a rate of GBP 360;
  • persons in need of notary services in London outside working hours or in the weekend will be imposed with a minimum fee of GBP 360;
  • documents that need to be legalized with be sent to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, which will charge a fee of GBP 30 per each document.

Documents that will be addressed to the above mentioned institution will be also require the payment of a courier fee, which will vary based on the destination of the document (prices vary from GBP 5.50 to GBP 25 per 1.5 kg). If you need more details on how our notary can help you, please address to our notary public in Holborn for advice. You can also rely on our notary if you want to purchase a property in the UK.