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Notary Public in East London

Notary Public in East London

East London is located in the east region of the center London and north of the River Thames. It comprises boroughs such as Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Newham or Havering and if you live in these areas or have a business here, you can always address to our notary public in East London for professional notarial services.

Our notary public in London can help both natural persons and legal entities in dealing with a wide range of documents that need to be signed and notarized for various legal matters. You can rely on our notary services in London for apostille services, notarization and legalization of documents; our team can also represent charities.

What are the responsibilities of a notary public in East London?

A notary in London is a person who has obtained a degree in his or her field of activity, which allows the said person to have the right of notarizing, legalizing or authenticating specific documents. When addressing to our notary public in East London, it is also important to know that one can benefit from apostille services as well.

It is worth knowing that our services can be required for documents you may need in London or elsewhere in the country, but also for documents that are necessary in the relation with the authorities of other states. Some of the most common ways in which our notary public in East London can help you are the following:

  • the translation of documents necessary for individuals or corporate entities, which is then certified by our notary in London;
  • signing the power of attorney for a specific purpose or for multiple legal purposes, which grants the right to a person to act on behalf of another person or a company;
  • during the process of selling and purchasing a local property or a property located in a foreign jurisdiction;
  • obtaining a certified copy of a passport or of another identity document;
  • obtaining certified copies of diplomas, certificates and other similar documents;
  • obtaining duplicates for lost identity documents, such as passports.

Those who need a document on a foreign territory may need to attach an apostille, which represents the authentication of the UK Foreign Commonwealth &Development Office (previously known as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office) that confirms the identity of the notary which prepared the documents needed by the person. Our notary public in East London can help prepare such documents. In addition to the notary services in East London, we also offer document notarization in other places. For instance, you can get in touch with our notary in Canary Wharf, if you want to start a business abroad. The overseas country may ask you to submit notarized documents. To fulfill this requirement, the services of our notary are at your disposal. They can also translate documents for you. 

Below, you can watch a short presentation on our notary public in East London:

What are the costs for apostille services in UK?

If you need the apostille for documents required abroad, it is necessary to know that you must pay a fee established by the UK authorities. The current regulations impose a standard fee, for standard application procedures, but also premium fee, applicable for those who need to have the apostille processed as fast as possible. Currently, the following apply:

  • the standard fee when requesting the apostille is of GBP 30;
  • here, additional costs are charged for courier fees or postal services, depending on destination – for documents needed in the UK, the courier costs are of GBP 5.50 per 1.5 kg;
  • if the documents are sent to European countries, the courier costs are of GBP 14.50 per 1.5 kg;
  • documents sent in any other part of the world are charged with a courier fee of GBP 25 per 1.5 kg;
  • the premium processing fee is of GBP 75, and in this case the document will be issued in only 1 day (in the day when the application for the apostille was made);
  • as a general rule, the standard processing of the documents is of 10 days.

How can our notary public in East London help businesses?

As said earlier, a notary in London can provide its services to companies as well, regardless of their legal entity. In most of the cases, all company types will need notarial services at a given moment, and this applies from the moment of the incorporation of the legal entity, given that the statutory documents of a business have to be signed in front of a notary (this rule applies in all European states).

Our notary public in East London can assist businesses by certifying certificates of incorporation, articles of association, memorandums, resolutions and other similar documents. Most companies use the power of attorney when mandating a person to handle various business and legal matters, and this document has to be notarized by a local notary. Companies can rely on our notary services in London for the following:

  • notarizing the power of attorney, though a company can appoint a representative who will have the right to handle specific corporate tasks on behalf of the company;
  • preparing documents for those who want to register a company in a foreign jurisdiction;
  • preparing the documents necessary for the sale of a commercial property;
  • certifying and notarizing documents for corporate real estate purchases abroad;
  • our notary can also authenticate commercial documents for both local and foreign businesses.

You can address to our notary public in East London in the case in which you want to incorporate a company here. It is necessary to know that the company’s founding documents are always completed in front of a public notary, who is the single entity that has the right of certifying such documents.

Our notary will certify the company’s statutory documents – such as the articles of association and the memorandum for corporate bodies, or the partnership agreement for partnerships. The certification of our notary is mandatory for the process of registration, as such documents need the signature of a notary in order to be accepted by the local institutions. Besides the founding documents, investors can rely on our team for certifying other company documents, such as resolutions and minutes.

Meeting with our corporate clients in London

Considering that most of the businesses have numerous operations that they need to conclude throughout a work day, our notary public in East London can make an appointment with one of your representatives and meet at your office. This can be done as a free service, where our notary will simply meet with a company representative for the purpose of establishing what types of notary services are required for the particular situation.

Provided that you have all the required documents, our notary will be able to personally collect the papers and prepare them by notarizing, certifying or authenticating them (depending on the situation) and then return them to your office.

For urgent cases, our notary is able to provide same-day notary services in London; this means that you will have your documents notarized or legalized in a matter of a day, and at the end of the business day you can use your documents.

However, this procedure can be influenced by numerous factors and if you need to have various papers prepared by our notary by a given date, it is best to address to our team in due time, as not all documents can benefit from notarial services under this regime.

Provided that your company entered the insolvency and liquidation procedure, there are specific documents that have to be completed in these stages and some of them will need the assistance of a notary. Our notary is ready to provide you with notarial services regarding this matter as well.

Obtain the apostille in London

Regardless if you are a natural person or a legal entity, in certain situations, you may need the apostille for documents required by the institutions of other countries – where you live or you have various legal matters to complete (purchase a property, starting a business, etc.).

The apostille represents a certificate that is issued by the authorities of the state that issued a certain document and which is required for specific categories of documents. The apostille provides a further proof of the fact that the documents meet the legal requirements, and they also provide a further reassurance that the notary who completed the documents is authorized to do so, as the person is recognized by the local institutions of the country that issued the document.

Please mind that this type of document is needed only for specific countries, and if you are interested in this matter, you can always address to our notary public in East London. The apostille is necessary in the countries that are part of the Hague Convention.

If the documents required by the institutions of a foreign country need to have the apostille, please mind that you should prepare your documents in due time, as this procedure can’t be completed in a matter of days, as the documents will be first prepared by our notary, then sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which will issue the apostille, and then to the embassy or consular mission in the country where the said institutions are located.

You can request more details from our notary public in East London if you represent a company and you need notary services. You can address to our notary by phone or by e-mail and our specialist will provide an answer regarding you situation as soon as possible and will also present the list of other documents that you might need to prepare.

Our corporate notary services in London also include assistance in opening a branch office here or abroad, helping investors sell or purchase shares in companies, sale or purchase corporate properties, authenticating documents for foreign companies in UK and others. Please contact our notary public in East London for more information.