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Notary Public in the City of London

Notary Public in the City of London

Our notary public in the City of London can help you in dealing with numerous documents that need to be authenticated or notarized. Whether you want to start your own business or you need to sign a contract or an agreement (for purchasing a property, for example), you can always rely on our specialist.

Throughout the years, our notary in London helped both individuals and legal entities in a wide range of matters. It must be noted that the notary services in London can be accessed by foreigners as well or by persons who need to have certain documents issued by the UK authorities and which are needed by the authorities of other countries.

What are the basic notary services in London?

A notary has the right of authenticating or notarizing an extensive list of documents which can be of importance for natural persons and legal entities in given circumstances. Thus, persons who want to sign a power of attorney, drawing a will, purchasing a property, sign the statutory documents of a company, obtaining a certified translation of a document, getting married in a foreign jurisdiction and so on, can all address to our notary public in the City of London. Some of the services we provide to those who need legalized papers overseas are the following:

  • the notarization of various documents in accordance with the legislation of a foreign jurisdiction;
  • signing the power of attorney (for corporate purposes or for individuals) that can be used in other countries as well;
  • preparing the set of authenticated documents which are necessary in the case of international adoptions;
  • translating documents that were issued by the local institutions in the language of a foreign country;
  • verifying the accuracy of documents translated in foreign languages, in accordance with the legal terms that are used in the respective countries;
  • issuing the necessary paperwork for local residents or citizens who need documents regarding their marital status in foreign countries (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc.).

For those who want to start a business, our notary in London can provide full services for the notarization and the authentication of various documents, such as the certificate of incorporation of the legal entity, the memorandum, the articles of association and other types of documents that can be required when registering a business (the documents can vary based on the legal entity selected by the businessman, but the obligation to register official documents is imposed to all types of business forms).

Natural persons can rely on our notary public in Central London for assistance in matters such as: preparing affidavits and oaths, notarizing certificates issued by the education institutions in the UK, preparing the consent documents necessary for children to travel abroad (these are required when the child is a minor and when he or she travels with one of the parents and it is applicable to those who are separated or divorced).

Our notary public in Central London can also assist you in other matters, related to inheritance – drawing a will, changing the ownership of a property inherited by a person, help you with documents related to transfer taxes, preparing the documents in the case of international succession and others.

Why become a notary public in the City of London?

The City of London refers to the central part of the city, the historical site, which is, besides a major tourist attraction for its famous buildings, an important business area of the city. Having a notary public in Central London is, thus, an important aspect for all those who develop their current activities in this area. Being a notary can be a very lucrative profession and one must know that is also one of the oldest law professions, and some highlights are:

  • the profession is regulated under the local law by numerous legal acts, including The Legal Services Act 2007;
  • being a notary public in Central London also provides the possibility of becoming a member of the Notaries Society, an organization which represents the interests of the profession and which accounts for approximately 725 members;
  • the organization represents almost the entire notarial industry, as, at a national level, there are approximately 775 notaries;
  • from a financial point of view, being a notary can be a rewarding job, as a notary can be paid with approximately GBP 30,000 per year (for experienced specialists);
  • the average salary for a notary in the London Greater area (which defines the entire city) is of approximately GBP 24,300 and this represents a 17% higher salary than in the case of notaries public working outside London.

If you want to receive more details on the services our notary public in the City of London can offer please contact us. We invite to directly address to our specialist, as the types of notary services in London that our notary can provide are not limited only to the ones presented in this article. Our notary in Canary Wharf can also offer you various services. The primary reason to get help from a notary is notarizing your papers might help you avoid contract disputes and court action. In addition to this, when implementing important papers, having a reliable notary to confirm a signer’s identification gives an added degree of safety in a world where con artists prey on every unsuspecting victim that comes along.