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Notary in Mayfair

Notary in Mayfair

Mayfair is one of the most important regions of London, located in the West End part, and which can be traced between Park Lane, Piccadilly, Regent Street and Oxford Street. If you live in these areas, or if you develop a business activity here, our notary in Mayfair can help in numerous legal situations that can arise throughout the lifetime of a person.

The basic notary services a notary public in London can offer to its clients are mainly focused on the following: notarization of documents, drafting and reviewing contracts, agreements and statutory documents, legalization of various papers and apostille and the translation of documents, which is always done with the assistance of certified translators. Below, you can find a more complex presentation on the types of activities our notary in Mayfair carries out on a regular basis.

We invite you to watch a short presentation on the main notary services in Mayfair:

What are the basic notary services offered by our notary in Mayfair?

If you represent a company operating in Mayfair or if you were appointed by a foreign company wishing to expand here, our notary services in London are also designed for corporate purposes. Thus, our notary can execute a power of attorney for a person, through which the appointed person will receive the right to act on behalf of a local or foreign company for a given purpose (the power of attorney can be signed for specific legal activity or it can include an extensive list of rights).

Foreign companies can address to our notary in Mayfair if they want to establish a subsidiary or a branch office in this part of London, as certain company documents required during the incorporation have to be drafted and signed in front of a notary. For instance, the company’s statutory documents must be signed with the assistance of a notary in London, this being a compulsory requirement as per the commercial law applicable here.

Our team can also help companies in notarizing various commercial documents or in the process or trademark registration. Our notary in Mayfair is also available for authenticating the translation of a document, be it for commercial purposes or for personal purposes. Individuals can also address to our notary public for certified copies of one’s identity documents or obtaining a duplicate of such documents.

Persons who travel abroad and who have minor children may need to have specific documents with them and our notary public can help in this process as well (for instance, when the parents are divorced and the non-custodial parent wants to travel with the children in foreign countries, it is necessary to have a document from the custodial parent, which attests the permission of this action).

British citizens who intent to marry abroad will need specific documents attesting their legal status in this country – in this case, that they are free to marry, and our notary in Mayfair can help in the process of notarizing the necessary papers. You can also rely on our notary services in London when purchasing or selling a property here or abroad, these being just some of the common scenarios our notary handles on a regular basis.

How can our notary in Mayfair help in consular matters?

In the case in which you will need to have different documents certified so that you can use them for various files that are processed by consular missions or embassies, our notary in Mayfair can also provide specific services. The type of services you can request depend based on the country where you need the respective papers.

Here, there are two main categories of countries – those that are part of the Hague Convention, which follows a specific notarial system of the documents, and non-Hague countries, where additional legal procedures will have to be completed in order for a document to be legally recognized in the said countries.

If you are not sure if the country where you need to send the documents is part of the Hague Convention or not, our notary in Mayfair can be of help and depending on the legal requirements applicable in the respective country, you will benefit from specific notary services in London.

If you need to send documents through a consular mission, then you will have to notarize the said documents and to obtain an apostille. This represents an official stamp issued by the competent British institutions, which certifies that the person who has notarized the documents has the right and competences to do so, thus certifying that the documents are completed in good faith.

For countries that are part of the Hague Convention, one will generally need to comply with one of the two main procedures applicable under the law. One of the procedures is to have the document notarized by a notary in Mayfair and then to receive the apostille issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, followed by the consular legalization, all these steps being necessary depending on the requirements applicable under the national law of the country where the documents will be processed.

The second option would be to have the apostille, and then the consular legalization. You should know that the apostille is made to certify the signature of a notary in London, while the consular legalization is done with the purpose of verifying the apostille. Given the complex nature of this procedure, we invite you to address to our notary public in London.

Can a notary in Mayfair offer mobile notarial services?

Yes, a notary in Mayfair is also qualified to assist clients, both natural persons and legal entities, in the case in which they are not able to arrive at the premises of our office. Here, our notary will set up an appointment with the client in his or her office or home and, in the case in which the client has all the required documents for a notarial procedure (certification, notarization, translation), the procedure will be completed on site.

Our team also advises to request mobile notarial services in the context of Covid-19, especially in the case of those who should avoid large crowds of persons. Please request our notary services in London and our notary will arrive at your premises as established; we also mention that our notary can arrive at your home/office outside office hours and during weekends as well, in the case in which you can’t meet during regular office hours with our team.

Legal procedures on foreign languages documents

Please mind that in the case in which you have documents that are issued in foreign languages, our notary in Mayfair will not be able to simply notarize the document as it is the case of a document issued in English. Although local notaries may be familiarized with the legal system of other countries and may be able to understand foreign languages and the meaning of all legal terms and their implications, in practice, this is not very common.

This is why the notary in London will need to have the document translated into English, so that he or she can understand all the legal aspects implied by the documents in order to protect his or her professional integrity, but also to represent the interests of the client. In the case in which you are a foreigner who does not speak fluent English or does not speak English at all and you need notary services in London, then the presence of a qualified interpreter or translator is necessary when addressing to the notary.

In this particular situation, the person requesting these services will have to pay extra fees, including the ones provided by the interpreter. Here, you must know that the costs can vary based on the complexity of the document that needs to translated and certified, but also on the language, as for certain languages there may be fewer specialists in the field. Please address to our notary in London for more details.

Is the notarial profession regulated in the UK?

Yes, being a notary in Mayfair or elsewhere in the UK means that the person has to abide by a set of regulations. Also, in order to be able to provide notary services in London one must complete tertiary studies. Depending on the branch of law in which the person will obtain his or her degree, additional studies may be required, the basics of the profession being the following:

  • a notary in London must have an age of at least 21 years old;
  • it is also legally required to take an oath of allegiance, as per Section 7 of the Public Notaries Act 1843;
  • a notary must follow a 3 stage qualification process – academic studies, professional training and the admission as a qualified notary;
  • most of the notaries (which are represented by approximately 800 businesses) are registered with the Notaries Society, a regulatory body of this profession;
  • the main regulations concerning a notary are given by the Notaries (Qualification) Rules 2013.

We invite you to address to our notary in Mayfair for additional details on the types of services we can provide you with. Companies can rely on us when needing certified copies of company resolutions, reports, personal identity documents of directors, shareholders, company secretary and other company representatives. Our notary services in London also include assistance on commercial property transactions, commercial mortgages, transfers, purchases and sales, the issuance of shares in a company, notarizing commercial contracts and others. Many legal papers must first be notarized before they become enforceable. Although not all papers require notarization, it is nonetheless advantageous since the stamp and signature of a notary raise the document’s intrinsic worth and legitimacy. So, if you are interested to elevate the credibility of your documents, you are welcome to get in touch with our agents. Our certified notary in Canary Wharf can notarize your documents with due diligence.