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Notary in Hammersmith

Notary in Hammersmith

A notary is a public officer whose duty is to certify or attest different documents intended for use anywhere in the world like: deeds, wills etc. The notary does so to make documentation authentic and rectify any chance of fraud. The position of a notary public is internationally recognized and they are supposed to perform their duty apart from indulging in court proceedings. Notaries carry out a general legal practice as probate or conveyance. They also act as a legally trained witness to clarify the execution of documents. The services of notaries are vital if you are living in Hammersmith and you want your sales, purchase, business, and other things executed under the authentic and official seal lawfully. If any of your documents need validation, you can get them signed by a legal professional for legal use in Hammersmith or any foreign country.

notary in Hammersmith can provide various notarial services to both natural persons and legal entities. The services of our notary public in London were designed in such a way that they could cover all the areas of interest that could be of importance for an individual or a business registered in the UK or in a foreign jurisdiction.

Notary services in London for businesses

Notarial services are mainly divided between the following basic areas of expertise: notarizing documents, certifying documents such as diplomas, preparing affidavits, legalization services and apostille. These types of services can be provided by our notary in Hammersmith to both individuals and legal entities, but, when referring to local or foreign businesses, our main activities are the ones presented below:

  • Preparing the company’ statutory documents, which must be drafted and signed in front of a notary public;
  • Notarizing specific company documents, such as the articles of association, the certificate of incorporation and others;
  • Preparing certificates for intellectual property matters and notarizing commercial contracts;
  • Our notary in Hammersmithcan also provide certified copies of company reports, company resolutions and similar documents;
  • The execution of a power of attorney, through which a company’s representative has the legal right of acting on behalf of the company;
  • Local and foreign investors can rely on our notary in Londonfor the purchase and transfer of shares, but also for other corporate assets transfers (such as purchasing or selling property);

Those who represent foreign companies can address our notary in Hammersmith in matters related to the incorporation of a branch office or a subsidiary, as specific company documents have to be certified and notarized in front of a public notary. You can rest assured that we will work in your best interest.

Notarial services for individuals, offered by our notary in Hammersmith

Individuals in need of notary services in London can address our firm in numerous cases, which can be related to wills and inheritance, purchasing or selling a property, setting up a power of attorney or lasting power of attorney. One can also address to our notary in Hammersmith in matters related to immigration, residency, or for marriage in a foreign country and international adoption.

Our services include transfer ownership for land and real estate, surrendering of nationality, changing the current name and other matters that an individual can deal with throughout the years. The fees charged for such services will vary based on the service required by our client, but it must also be noted that notaries are free to establish their own pricing system, as long as the fees are charged at reasonable prices, as required by the Faculty Office. For instance, for will related services, a notary in London can charge the following fees:

  • Signing a lasting power of attorney can cost GBP 300 (additional costs can appear from the registration of the document);
  • The registration of the will with the Probate Registry can be charged with GBP 80;
  • One can also prepare a mirror will and for this the fee is GBP 75;
  • Drafting a will in front of a notary in Hammersmithcan be charged with GBP 150;
  • The registration with the national wills registry in the UKcan be charged with GBP 70.

How a notary public assists foreign companies?

The notary public assists the people who own companies that do business in foreign states by providing them authenticity of documents; it further assists them in opening bank accounts and corporate branch offices. Notaries provide copies of identification, authenticate commercial documents, clarify company documents like: articles of association, certificates of incorporation and resolutions etc. There are many other cases like shipping or director’s identity in which notary public assiststhe company holders whose companies do business in other countries. You can rely on our notary public in Hammersmith for any kind of documentation to avoid unnecessary stress.

Notary services in London for documents required abroad

The types of notarial services that our notary in Hammersmith will provide for documents a person or a legal entity needs in foreign jurisdictions will vary based on the jurisdiction where the person needs to go, but also on the required papers. Thus, persons who will travel to countries that are part of the Hague Convention and who will need to present various documents to local authorities will need specific notary services.

Such services are divided between two basic systems: the notarization of the document, done by a notary public in London, followed by the apostille issued by the Foreign Commonwealth Office and then the legalization of the documents completed through a consular office, or the apostille and the consular legalization.

Please be aware that consular legalization is a necessary step, regardless of the option through which the person will certify his or her documents. The consular legalization is a step-through in which the consulates verify the validity of the apostille issued in the UK and, if this step is not successfully completed, the authorities in the receiving country may not accept the respective documents and this can lead to delays in various legal matters. For more details on how we can help you in this matter, you can check with our notary in Hammersmith

Why do you need a notary public in Hammersmith?

Notary publics in London are regulated under the Legal Services Act 2007. Not only in Hammersmith, but notary publics are also needed in all those states that recognize the status of a notary public. You are going to need a notary public to witness the signature, authenticate documents, and prepare copies of the paperwork that needs to be legally recognized in any other country. The notary public needs to be very vigilant in his/her tasks because he/sheis responsible to every person who relies on the paperwork that they authenticate and not just to the individual who requests the notary to authenticate them. Due to this huge responsibility, the notary public will carry out checks on the paper works that are being notarized. You can interact with our notary in Hammersmith if you need assistance in any task like:

  • Certification of academic documents;
  • Documents for getting a job abroad;
  • Authentication by signing a document;
  • Attesting signatures and execution of documents;
  • Administration of oaths and declarations;
  • Notarized copies of identification and other documents;
  • Preparation and execution of power of attorney;
  • Visa applications;
  • Documents for getting married in any foreign state;
  • Travel contents because airlines usually require them;
  • Documents for changing the name (deed polls);
  • For overseas, notary public witnesses documents dealing with the sales and purchase of property;
  • Documents required for setting up a business in a foreign country;
  • International affidavit.

What to consider when choosing a public notary?

There are some aspects that you need to be careful about while choosing a notary public. You should find out the location of the notary before agreeing to buy his/her services. If you do not want to waste your time travelling, then prefer selecting a nearby notary public. You should check and confirm the educational and professional background of notary because this vigilance behavior would reduce the risk of any error in future. You should check the notary fee because there is no specific fee structure and it varies from one notary to other. If you follow these steps while choosing a notary, you will save yourself from a meaningless hassle.

Notaries in the United Kingdom

The main duty of a notary public in the United Kingdomis to deal with the authenticity of the documentation of the people as well as to take care of the foreign paperwork. There are about 800 notaries in Wales and England.People, who work outside London solely as a notary, earn between 3,000 euros to 20,000 euros from their notarial work.

If you are looking for any help in foreign documentation or inside the region, you can contact our notary in Hammersmith without any hesitation for details.