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Notary in Ealing

Notary in Ealing

Located in the West part of London, Ealing was included in the Greater London area in 1965. It is now a large commercial center and the 2011 Census revealed that this region of the city has a population of 85,000 persons. Those living in this part of the city can address to our notary in Ealing if they need notarial services, who can represent them in multiple situations.

It is also necessary to know that persons representing businesses operating in Ealing can receive notarial services for basically any aspect pertaining to business matters (starting from the procedures of incorporating a business here, a process which automatically involves the assistance of a public notary in London).

How can our notary in Ealing assist businesses?

If you represent a company operating in London or a foreign company, or if you are interested in registering a legal entity here, our notary in Ealing has the required experience in handling various documents required in the relation with the British authorities or with the authorities of foreign countries. There are numerous types of documents which must be notarized or authenticated by a notary in order to be recognized under the local law, and some of the ways in which our notary public in London can assist companies are the following:

  • notarizing company documents such as the articles of association and the memorandum for UK based companies or for foreign companies;
  • authenticating documents necessary when opening a branch office in a foreign country or when opening a corporate bank account in a foreign country;
  • providing certified copies of documents such as minutes, reports, resolutions;
  • preparing sworn declarations, affidavits, statutory declarations and witnessing the power of attorney;
  • our notary services in London include the legalization of documents and the apostille;
  • our notary in Ealing can also assist when selling or buying company shares, selling or buying corporate property or in intellectual property matters.

The highlights of the notarial sector in the UK

Providing notary services in London and in other parts of the country is possible only as long as a person interested in this activity has completed tertiary studies in the field and has had the necessary training. Being a notary public in London represents a field of activity with a long tradition and with an important contribution to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Below, you can find some of the highlights of this sector:

  • this activity has a long tradition in the UK – prior to 1533, a notary public was appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, while in 1801, the profession fell under the supervision and the regulations of the Parliament;
  • according to the Notaries Society, a person can become a notary in Ealing at the age of 21, and after taking the oath of allegiance in accordance with the rules of the Public Notaries Act 1843;
  • the average salary for notary services in London and in the UK is of GBP 29,345, but it can range based on the region where this activity is developed and on the types of activities undertaken by the notary;
  • notary services in London are included in the legal activities branch, according to the UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (SIC2007), under the code of industry 69.1;
  • in 2012, the activities included under this code accounted for 1.4% of the GDP.

What documents should a client prepare when requesting notary services in London?

When addressing to a notary in Ealing, it is necessary to know that the notary will need to check your identity, whether you represent an individual or a legal entity. This is a compulsory requirement, regardless of the purpose for which you have addressed to our notary in London.

This means that if you want to authenticate, notarize, certify or prepare the apostille, our notary in Ealing will always verify specific aspects related to your identity, and, along with the file containing the papers you need, our notary will also maintain information concerning your identity. The procedure has to be done in accordance with the provisions of the Money Laundering Regulations 2007.

As a natural person, you should bring upon the meeting with our notary in Ealing your identity documents and documents showing your residence. As a corporate client, you will be required to provide the company’s certificate of incorporation, an extract from the company register, audited reports and accounts or a partnership agreement (these can vary based on the legal entity of the company). We invite you to contact our notary in London if you want to book an appointment with our team.