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Notary in Canary Wharf

Notary in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf represents one of the most important financial and legal centers in London. Given the fact that Canary Wharf operates mainly as a financial center, you can rely on our notary public in London to assist you with various types of services designed for corporate entities. If you are searching for a notary in Canary Wharf for business purposes, you should know that our notary can notarize and legalize a wide range of documents.

 Quick Facts  
Is the UK a signatory of the Hague Convention?


Does notary public in UK serves as a witness when documents are signed? (yes/no)


Which documents can be notarized by notary public in UK?

– Articles of Incorporation,

– commercial leases,

– employment contracts,

– legal affidavits,

– certified copies of documents,

– passport application documents

When do you need notarization?

When documents handle important financial or legal matters that require a great deal of trust in all parties named in the document. 

Role of a UK notary public

Primarily concerned with the authentication and certification of signatures, authority and capacity relating to documents for use abroad.

Our notary in Canary Wharf can offer more information.

How can a Notary Public in UK authenticate a document?

The notaries’ role is to check for fraud and that you understand the document. 

Can you notarize an Affidavit?


Our notary in Canary Wharf can offer more information. 

Is e-notarization available in UK?


UK Notary public certifications

–  have taken the oath of allegiance under the Public Notaries Act 1843,

–  have a degree in law or hold a position as a solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales or a barrister at law

Mostly which institutions have notary public on staff?

– banks,


– law firms,

–  credit union businesses 

Notary services available for business entities? (Yes/No) Yes
Notary services available for natural persons? (Yes/No)


Approximate Fee Structure £30 for an apostille 
Can a notary public perform marriage ceremonies in UK?


Are notaries required to keep record of their notarization in UK?


Our notary in Canary Wharf can offer more details. 

For example, if you want to set up a business in Canary Wharf, our notary in London can help you draw and sign the articles of association and the memorandum, or the partnership agreement, depending on the type of company you want to register here.

However, we can also represent individuals in need of notary services in London. Our services cover a wide range of documents related to immigration, marriage, divorce, adoption and others. You can also benefit from notary services if you want to draw a will or any other legal aspect deriving from the inheritance legislation.

How can our notary in Canary Wharf help businesses?

Companies based in Canary Wharf and in other regions of London can get in touch with our notary for the purpose of authenticating and notarizing corporate papers. Our notary in Canary Wharf is entitled to issue various certificates related to the documents kept by the Companies House Registry. Numerous companies usually require a Certificate of Good Standing, which is necessary when the respective businesses enter partnerships with other companies abroad or when they have to deal with the institutions of other jurisdictions.

Our notary public in London has the necessary expertise in issuing the power of attorney, which is a document that entitles a specific person to handle a single corporate matter (or more) in the name of the company. The power of attorney can provide the right of handling the respective matter at a national level or at an international level. Amongst our corporate notary services in London, we mention the following:

  • authenticating corporate documents, including statutory documents, for UK based businesses and foreign companies;
  • certifying various documents, such as minutes of the shareholders meetings, agreements or reports;
  • assisting foreign businesses in establishing a branch office here (by authenticating specific documents);
  • notarizing loan agreements established by a company with a financial institution;
  • certification of documents of directors, shareholders and other persons involved in a company.

What notary services in London are available for natural persons?

Persons seeking for notary services in London can rely on our team in Canary Wharf, who can assist them in numerous legal matters. Our notary in London can help you obtain a certified translation of various documents, in English and other languages you might be interested in. This can be done through the services of certified translators, who have the legal right to translate official documents.

Individuals can address to our notary public in London if they need to authenticate or notarize contracts or agreements related to real estate properties and to property title deeds. If you need to submit specific documents to a consular mission you can also rely on our notary in London, who can conclude the legal requirements for specific typed of documents.

What are the characteristics of Canary Wharf?

Canary Wharf is a London region which has been experiencing a rapid and fruitful expansion in the last 30 years. If, prior to 1987, when the region received numerous investments, Canary Wharf was just a remnant of the former West India Docks, after that, it had transformed in the city’s top business center, which, later on, has become a residential site as well, providing numerous modern residential buildings and leisure sites. Some interesting facts are presented below:

  • the residential population of Canary Wharf was of 5,440 persons in 2001, while in 2018, the estimates showed 18,147 persons;
  • however, its current daily population accounts for 120,000 persons;
  • in the past, 70% of the businesses operating in Canary Wharf were represented by financial entities;
  • nowadays, businesses are more evenly divided, financial companies accounting for 55%, while non-financial represent 45% of the local enterprises;
  • the average yearly salary of a person working in Canary Wharf is approximately GBP 100,000.

We invite you to address to our notary in Canary Wharf for more information on other types of notary services you can obtain here. Our team is ready to assist natural persons and legal entities with professional services, completed in due time with the highest level of commitment towards our clients.