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How to Obtain a Notarized Document

How to Obtain a Notarized Document

If you need a notarized document in the UK you will need to address to a notary public. Mind that the notarization of a document, regardless of its type, can only be done with the assistance of a notary public in London or in another British city. This applies to both natural persons and legal entities. Read below to find out more about how we can help you if you need this document.

Our notary in London can assist you in getting a document notarized regardless of whether you represent a natural person or a company and can present the process that will be applied for your particular document. However, it must be noted that a notarized document or a certified paper presents the fact that the respective document can be used as a legal paper and may be used in relation to local or international institutions, depending on the case.

What are the key elements of a notarized document in London?

A notarized document shows that a certain identity document, certificate, incorporation document, power of attorney, contract, etc., holds legal value and that is recognized under the national legislation. Certain documents must be notarized in front of a notary in London in order for them to be legally valid, this being a compulsory procedure.

When getting a document notarized, one must know that the respective paper must be signed by the notary public in London. More importantly, the notary has to meet in person with the client who wants to have his or her document notarized. In most cases, when the client will meet with the notary, the notary will sign and seal the document, these being two important elements of any notarized document.

Prior to addressing the notary public in London, prepare your document that needs to be notarized. Verify if the document is in good standing and read it once again (depending on the type of document). For instance, if you need to notarize a power of attorney, where you will grant certain rights to another person, it is advisable to review the respective document.

Leave empty the places where you need to put your signature and, prior to actually signing it, it is best to have the document analyzed by a lawyer specialized in the field related to the respective document. If you need to notarize corporate documents, such as the articles of association of a company, a lawyer specialized in commercial law will be best suited, while if you need to notarize a contract for the sale of land or a real estate property, a lawyer who has expertise in this field should be contacted.

Please note that once a contract or another paper becomes a notarized document, it will become an enforceable document and this is why it is very important to analyze it very carefully prior to addressing it to a notary public in London. When meeting with the notary, you must present your identity documents and the document that has to be notarized.

The document can be notarized only after the notary will verify the identity of the parties involved and the document that needs to be notarized. Once the parties will sign it, and after the notary in London will sign it and seal it, it will become a legal document.

The notary will also verify if the client signs the document at his or her own free will and will make sure that the client is of capable to take a decision. After these basic steps are completed, the client will pay the fee required by the notary public in London and will be able to use the notarized document.

A step-by-step guide to obtaining a notarized document in UK

Here is a step-by-step guide on notarizing documents in UK:

  1. Identify the document that needs to be notarized: It should be original, not a copy;
  2. Get in touch with our notary public in UK who is a public official who can witness and certify documents;
  3. Make an appointment with our notary public: Once you have contacted our UK notary public, you need to make an appointment for notarizing documents. You should bring the original documents with you to the appointment;
  4. Provide identification: You will need to provide identification papers to our notary public to prove your identity. A passport or driver’s license is usually acceptable;
  5. Sign the document: You will need to sign the document in front of our notary public;
  6. Pay the fee: Our notary public will charge a fee for his/her services. The fee will vary depending on the type of document and the complexity of the notarization;
  7. Receive the notarized document: Once the notarization is complete, our notary public will provide you with the notarized document. This document will have a stamp and signature from the notary public, indicating that the document has been witnessed and certified;
  8. Use the notarized document: You can now use the notarized document for its intended purpose. It is important to note that a notarized document does not necessarily mean that the document is legally binding. It simply means that the document has been witnessed and certified by a notary public.

Overall, these are some steps that you can follow for notarizing a document in UK. If you have any questions in this regard, please consult with our notary.

Furthermore, if you need any services regarding attestation of educational documents, our notary in UK can help you.

Why is notarization important?

Notarization is required for several of life’s critical transactions. There are three reasons for notarization:

  • To verify that the person signing a document is himself/herself the one who requested notarization;
  • To verify that the intended person signs the document voluntarily;
  • To ensure that the transaction can be independently validated once it has occurred.

Notarization is a fraud-prevention system, and the notary public is on the front lines of that activity.

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a document that is routinely notarized. When you sign a power of attorney, you grant someone legal permission to make decisions on your behalf. A financial institution can ensure that their client signed the paper of their own free will by requesting notarization. You are also guaranteed as a consumer by notarization. It is vital to ensure that someone cannot give power of attorney on your behalf falsely since they must identify themselves while visiting a notary. The same system assures no one can buy a house in your name or make a will in your name. It provides confidence in the legitimacy of documents to both financial institutions and government authorities.

You can talk to our staff members if you need further reasons why getting a notarized document in UK is vital. They will give you thorough instructions in this regard. You are also invited to engage with our notary in East London if you require notarization services there.

Remote or in-person notarization 

Solicitors’ remote notarization is a more potent form of notarization that enhances each of the three principles described above. A notary visually inspects a license to authenticate identity during an in-person notarization. They have no choice except to rely on their discernment. When consumers use a notary’s services, they must answer identity challenge questions, also known as knowledge-based authentication. They must also show a legitimate photo ID that may be forensically examined. The notary must also decide that they are the same person as the ID shows.

So, it is up to you how you want a notarized document in UK. Furthermore, if you need any notary services in Canary Wharf, you can get in touch with our team members there. They will provide you with assistance regarding notarization.  When signing certain documents, fraud can be a common occurrence, but it can be avoided if a notary public is present. The notary public will ask signatories to provide identification proof, review the documents for accuracy, and make sure no one is signing under duress or threat of harm. It can be an inconvenience, though, to have to travel to an off-site location for notarization. To avoid this, you can get the services of our mobile notary in Canary Wharf.

Procedure of certifying a document

If you need a notarized document in UK, simply notify our notary public in London. This is a straightforward procedure. You must present the photocopied document and the original to a member of our staff who will certify the copy by:

  • Writing on the document “Certified to be a right copy of the original seen by me”;
  • Signing it and dating it;
  • Putting their name next to their signature;
  • Including their job title, address, and phone number.

If the documents were not written in English or Walsh, they would need to be translated. As a result, for document translation, request a translation agency certify the translation in writing:

  • It is a “true and accurate translation of the original document”;
  • The full name and contact information of the translator or a representative of the translation firm;
  • The date of the translation.

If you have any further questions, you can ask a member of our team about the procedure for acquiring a notarized document in the UK. Besides a notarized document, if you need any information about the procedure of obtaining a notary affidavit, you are welcome to interact with our notary members. They will provide you with comprehensive guidance in this regard.

E-notarization of documents 

A document can be notarized online by a notary public to ensure authenticity. You may need to email our notary a scanned version of the document and photographic identity, or you may need to speak to one of our staff members at our London notary public. They will elaborate on all you need to know. Degree certificates, police certificates, TEFL certificates, employment letters, school letters, A-Level/ GCSE certificates, GP reports are some examples of documents you might want our notary public to validate.

There are still a few documents that you will have to scan and email to us. For example, photographic verification and a signed letter allow the document issuer to verify if required. Still, our London notary experts can advise on what is needed for online notary services to be acceptable. Please keep in mind that online notarization is not possible for documents that require a signature on the document to be notarized. The person signing these documents must appear in front of a notary public with photographic verification and sign the document in front of the notary.

Notarization of electronic signature in UK

In UK, it is possible to notarize an electronic signature under certain circumstances. However, the use of electronic signatures in notarial acts is subject to strict rules and regulations. In general, for an electronic signature to be notarized in UK, it must comply with the requirements of the Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions Regulations 2016 (eIDAS Regulation). This means that the electronic signature must be:

  • uniquely linked to the signatory;
  • capable of identifying the signatory;
  • created with means solely under the signatory’s control.

If the electronic signature meets these requirements, a notary public may be able to notarize it. However, it is important to note that not all notaries in UK are authorized or willing to notarize electronic signatures.

It is recommended that you get in touch with our notary public who is familiar with electronic signatures and the eIDAS Regulation to determine if he/she can notarize your electronic signature. It is also advisable to confirm with the relevant authorities in the country where the document will be used to ensure that they accept notarized electronic signatures from UK.

If you need any services from our notary in Mayfair, our members can assist you.

Is UK notarized document accepted in other countries?

The acceptance of a notarized document from UK in other countries depends on the laws and requirements of the specific country in question. In general, many countries will accept notarized documents from the UK as long as the document meets the legal requirements of that country. However, it is always advisable to check with the relevant authorities in the country where the notarized document will be used to ensure that it will be accepted. Some countries may require additional steps, such as legalization or authentication before a notarized document from the UK will be recognized.

In such cases, it may be necessary to have the document legalized or authenticated by the relevant authorities in UK, such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) or the embassy or consulate of the country where the document will be used. The acceptance of UK-notarized documents by other countries depends on the specific country and the purpose of the document. In general, many countries will accept notarized documents from the UK, particularly those that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations or have a historical connection to the UK. 

Some examples of countries that generally accept notarized documents from UK include: the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many European countries. However, each country may have its specific requirements, so it is important to confirm with the relevant authorities before submitting a notarized document.

If you have any further concerns about notarizing documents in UK and their acceptance abroad, please consult with our notary in London.

What fees are charged for a notarized document in London?

Getting a document notarized in London can have different fees, based on the type of document you want to be notarized here. Basically, notaries in the UK are free to establish their own pricing system, depending on the type of document and the purpose of the document. If you need a notarized document for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office the costs can start from GBP 60 for instance, and other fees are as follows:

  • documents that will be used outside the UK can be charged with GBP 120;
  • persons who need a notarial certificate can be charged with a fee of GBP 120;
  • the notarization of additional documents required by a client can be charged with GBP 90 per document;
  • drafting of a document that has to be notarized can cost GBP 80;
  • notarization of a document necessary in the UK can costs GBP 75.

If you are interested in getting a document notarized, do not hesitate to contact our notary public in London for in-depth advice on the procedure that will be applied to your particular case. Please contact us to book a meeting with our notaries, who can also help you in other matters, such as authenticating documents necessary for natural persons or legal entities.