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Mobile Notary in London

Mobile Notary in London

A mobile notary in London represents a notarial service that can be accessed by both individuals and companies, through which they do not have to arrive at the office of a notary. Instead, by making an appointment, the notary in London can arrive at the premises of the client (at the office of a company or in the home of an individual) in order to complete a specific notarial task. Our notary public in London can provide this opportunity of resolving a legal matter in a more convenient way. As such, you can easily get in touch with our notary in London.

Why are mobile notary services in London so popular?

The mobile notary in London is one of the most popular services required by clients in London, given the fact that London is one of the largest cities in the world, with an expanding population moving from one side of the city to another for work purposes. Due to the limited free time that residents have, mobile notary services have become more and more popular.

This type of service is also very attractive to the elderly population of the city. It is very common for the mobile notary in London to be booked for appointments after the common working hours (after 6 P.M.) or on the weekends. You can rely on our notary services in London.

Mobile notary services in London based on appointment

When you are looking for a notary public in London, you must also see if they offer services at home. Also, a notary public in London works by appointment, so once you choose the office, you have to find out what the free hours are and how you can make the appointment.

Mobile notary services in London are popular and often the choice of those who for various reasons cannot travel to legalize certain documents. Most of the time, requests at home or office are made in the evening and even on weekends. That’s why this period can be more crowded than usual and therefore scheduling is needed.

On the other hand, mobile notary services in London are also addressed to elderly people who find this option much more convenient, in exchange for going to a dedicated office to solve their problems. Therefore, if you want to benefit from mobile notary services in London, you can make an appointment by contacting our specialists. Our services are at your discretion whenever you need them.

You can benefit from our services on weekends

The weekend is also a good time to solve various problems that require notary services. Thus, if you only have free time on weekends, you can make an appointment with us to benefit from mobile notary services in London. Here’s how we can help you:

  • You can ask for notary services in London for document certification.
  • Documents such as: birth and/or marriage/death certificates, educational certificates, Articles of Association, affidavits, bank statements, court documents, etc. can be notarized.
  • Personal documents can also be notarized, upon request, including passports.
  • If you need the legalization of a contract, you can call our mobile notary services in London.
  • You can request an apostille if the necessary documents will be used in foreign countries. It is taken into account if the respective country has signed the Hague Convention.
  • Certified translations in English are also at your disposal, and other languages too.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our experts to notarize the documents you need in your endeavors.

Notarizing civil partnerships in UK

There are certain situations in which a civil partnership for legal purposes can be requested, as well as the conversion of a Civil Partnership. For this purpose, it is necessary to legalize this document, as well as apostille.

A civil partnership recognizes the relationship between same-sex couples and is a formal registration of that partnership. Also, a civil partnership assumes the same responsibilities and legal rights as heterosexual marriage in the UK. Thus, a partnership of this kind is officially recognized in the UK, one of the few countries that offer this right to citizens of the same sex who want to get married.

As for the conversion of a Civil Partnership, such a practical document can offer the conversion of the respective partnership into a marriage. Thus, once the related taxes have been paid to UK government, the civil partnership is considered a legal marriage in this country. In this approach, the notarization of conversion civil partnerships in UK can be requested.

But using this document abroad may mean requesting an apostille, whether we are talking about civil partnership or conversion of civil partnership. In any case, our mobile notary services in London are at your disposal whenever you want support in this regard. We suggest you make an appointment with us and tell us the kind of services you need.

Other documents that can be notarized at our mobile notary in London

A mobile notary in London can provide the same services that one can request when arriving in the office of a notary. Basic notarial services our mobile notary usually handles when arriving at the premises of our clients refer to the notarization and legalization of powers of attorney, agreements, translations, paperwork related to copyright and intellectual property matters, documents related to minor children, including adoptions and permission to travel with a child, preparing passport copies and others.

Our clients who represent corporate entities working in London can rely on our notary for a variety of notarial services and here, we mention the following: statutory declarations, the authentication of various corporate documents, and certification of identity for key company members, such as directors and company secretary.

Our notary services in London provided by the mobile notary also include the legalization of documents, which involves the participation of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the sole institution entitled to apostille documents notarized or certified by our team.

This step can be required in the case in which the documents are used in relation to other jurisdictions which need the document in this format, under the regulations of the Hague Convention. In other cases, the documents will need additional documents, completed as consular legalization. Through this, the involved consular missions will add specific stamps and seals that are required under the legislation of a given country.

If you need this service, we invite you to book an appointment with our mobile notary in London in a timely manner, so that you can have all the documents by the moment when you need to submit the respective set of papers with the institutions of a foreign country.

What are the fees of a mobile notary in London?

The fees that you will have to pay when requiring the services of mobile notary in London can depend based on the type of notarial activity that will be developed by our specialists. Here, we refer to the general notary services in London, such as notarization of documents, legalization, or certifications; one can also benefit from drafting documents or professional translation of documents.

It is also important to know that the fees of a notary in London that will arrive at your premises can be influenced by the distance that the person has to travel (calculated from the office to your home or company office). Here, lower prices can be obtained by those who are in the near vicinity of the office of the notary in London that will relocate to your home/office for completing the notarial service, while those who are farther away may expect higher fees. With regards to the pricing system, the following are generally applicable:

  • the mobile notary in London will provide general notarial services that are charged with a minimum of GBP 65;
  • those who need various documents drafted should expect to pay a fee of GBP 70;
  • the translation of documents, contracts, and other papers can be charged with a minimum of GBP 55;
  • where witnesses are involved, one should pay an additional small fee of GBP 5 per witness;
  • depending on the situation of the person making a home appointment, fixed fees can apply for various documents (this can apply in the case of those who are elderly or disabled and fees can be around GBP 150).

If you need more details on how we can help you through the services of our mobile notary in London, we invite you to contact us. Also, if you want the services of a mobile notary in Canary Wharf, the services of our agents are at your disposal.