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Certified Translations

Certified Translations

A translation that is certified can be utilized in formal procedures and satisfies local standards, with the translator taking responsibility for the accuracy of the texts and documents. From nation to nation, these specifications differ significantly. However, if you need a certified translation in UK, you are welcome to get in touch with our team members. Our certified translation services in London can save your precious time by providing you with efficient work.

Which documents need official translation?

If you need a UK translation certification, you can get in touch with our team members. Our certified translator can provide you with detailed assistance and explain to you if you need a translated document or not. You can also find a few examples of the papers that are frequently being certified, notarized, sworn or translated as follows:

  • Certificates of birth;
  • Marriage certificates;
  • Certificates of death;
  • Divorce paperwork;
  • A credit check and credit history;
  • Statements of bank accounts;
  • Real estate purchase agreements;
  • Rental agreements for the property;
  • Police and FBI records reports;
  • Certificates of criminal history;
  • Insurance contracts, etc.

This is the list of documents that require certified translations in UK. If you need a certified translation of any of the documents listed above, you are welcome to get in touch with our experienced members. If you need a certified translation of any document other than those listed above, you can still get our certified translation services. Our team members can provide you with detailed practical assistance in this regard.

Requirements for certified translations

To be utilized for official purposes in the UK, documents that were issued abroad and are not in English must be certified. When a document is translated and verified by a translator or translation company, their signature and stamp are used. The translator’s or translation company’s certification is typically provided in the form of a written statement that is attached to the translated document. The written affirmation includes:

  • A declaration that the translation is accurate and genuine;
  • The time when the translation was completed;
  • The full name of the translator, or a representative of the translation agency;
  • Contact information.

Our certified translators will take care of and fulfill the requirements for certified translations in UK. So, if you want certified translation services in London, you are welcome to get in touch with our team members. Our expert team members can provide you with legalized translation in UK.

Sworn translations in UK

It is frequently necessary to produce your official documents in another language. This helps if you need them to be utilized in court or for the vast majority of government transactions in other nations. However, it cannot be used in the United Kingdom, but in other countries it can be used while applying for immigration, getting married, etc.The process which is known as sworn translation in UK involves a certified translator stamping the document and vouching for its accuracy. This document is undoubted of the finest caliber. So, for efficient services in this regard, you can consult with our sworn translators in London.

In the United Kingdom, a certified translation is sufficient anytime an official translation into English is needed from another language. However, when translating into another language and a sworn translation is required, it is frequently important for the translator to physically retain the original document. If you are seeking more information regarding sworn translations in London, you can get help from our team members.

Through our accredited translators in London, this task can be done. Furthermore, it might be necessary to engage a lawyer or notary public in the completion of the procedure. Fortunately, you can also get these services from our team members. Please be sure to mention to our staff whether you have been instructed that you need a sworn translation of your documents, as well as the country and intended purpose of the translated documents so that they advise you appropriately.

How our certified translators can help you?

Please provide a copy of the original document or certificate that needs to be translated by our certified translators. If you have it on paper, a scan or high-resolution picture will do the job. You will be offered the choice of receiving a digital copy or having a hard copy as well as a digital copy made and shipped to you. Although you can print out the digital version yourself and it meets all the requirements of the UK government guidelines for certified translations, some organizations may require a physical stamp or hand-signed signature, so it is best to check with the requesting body. The digital version is fine for most purposes. However, whatever kind of translation you need, contact our certified translators in UK.

Furthermore, if you want any notary services in Canary Warf, you can get in touch with our notary members. Our Canary Wharf notary members can provide you with detailed practical assistance in the notarization and certified translations.