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How to Choose a Certified Notary Public

How to Choose a Certified Notary Public

A certified notary public in London is a person who has obtained his or her degree in performing notary services for certain categories of entities (natural persons or legal entities). Notaries in the UK can provide general notary services or specialized notary services. General notary services in London can refer to notarizing specific documents, to the legalization of various papers or to the certification of documents.

Specialized notary services can refer to conveyancing services, where a notary in London is qualified to handle only documents that refer to property matters (sale-purchase contracts for properties, changing ownership, handling with title deeds and numerous other documents that are generally used in this case).

Thus, the decision to address to a specific certified notary public should be influenced on the types of services the client will need. However, other factors can be of importance here as well. For example, the client may want to collaborate only with notaries who have a long experience in their field or with those who have worked more with individuals or those who have worked with corporate clients.

Our notary in London, who is a certified notary public, can provide a wide range of services to numerous categories of clients at competitive prices, which is also an important aspect when choosing a notary to collaborate with. Below, we will present what it means to be a certified notary public, as per the legal requirements applicable in the UK.

What are the conditions for becoming a certified notary public in UK?

One of the main conditions for becoming a certified notary public in the UK is to have relevant studies in the field and to obtain a diploma that attests that such studies were completed. In the UK, the profession of notary public is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the person must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • the 1st stage is to complete a 2 year course – the Notarial Practice Course, which will then be followed by additional stages;
  • the future notary has to take an oath as required by the Section 7 of the Public Notaries Act 1843;
  • he or she must comply with the regulations prescribed by the Notaries (Qualification) Rules 2013;
  • becoming a certified notary public in the UK is a process containing 3 basic steps;
  • the person must have an age of at least 21 years old in order to become a certified notary public; If you are looking for the services of a certified notary in Canary Wharf, get in touch with our notary members. A notary public, often known as a notary, is a trustworthy individual who acts as an objective witness when crucial papers including wills, trusts, affidavits, and powers of attorney are signed. Notaries could be private or maybe appointed and commissioned by state governments as public servants, which places them in a position of trust and accountability.

Tips in choosing your certified notary public in London

If you need to receive notary services in London, you can verify on the internet the notaries which are members of the Notaries Society, an organization which is set to represent the interests of this profession on the local market, but also to ensure that the standards of the profession are followed by its members.

Then, verify the fees charged by a notary in London and make a comparison between the services offered and the fees charged. An important aspect is to verify what types of services the notary offers and the types of services you need. Also, when choosing a certified notary public, verify it the respective office offers same-day services, which can of high importance when you need a document as soon as possible.

Although we recommend to prepare your documents in due time, sometimes you can be in a situation where a document can be required in a fast manner and in this case, the same-day services can resolve the legal issue. You must also know that all documents that can be notarized or legalized by a notary in London or in other parts of the country must be presented in person, so this means that the client must go to the notary’s office.

Certain notaries are able to sign and notarize documents in only few hours since the client arrived with them, and this can be crucial to many, especially for corporate clients who have to submit different types of documents to local institutions or to foreign organizations.

This is absolutely necessary and documents need the signature and the stamp of the notary and another aspect that must be taken into consideration when choosing a certified notary public is the location of the respective notary. Another aspect when choosing a notary is to see whether the notary provides consular legalization services or the apostille by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as these services can be necessary for numerous persons.

It is best to select the services of a notary that provides a wide range of services and our notary public in London can definitely help you with extensive services. Please contact our notary for more details on how we can help you ease the process of legalizing documents that are of importance to you.