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Attestation of Educational Documents

Attestation of Educational Documents

Degree certificate attestation is the process of verifying and authenticating educational records. A person must go through the process of educational credential attestation while traveling to another country for higher education or work. If you need attestation of educational documents, you are welcome to get in touch with our UK notary

Apostille and legalization in UK

Any form of UK-issued document that will be used abroad can be legalized or apostilled by our notary in London. However, the procedure could change based on the document. If both the country of origin and the country of destination are parties to the 1961 Hague Convention, the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign, Common Wealth, and Development Office (FCDO) stamp may be replaced with an Apostille. 

For other details about the attestation of educational documents, please get in touch with our notary members in London.

When do you need attestation in UK?

The events listed below describe where a certificate attestation for the UK is expected:

  • When you are planning to establish a business or export your products to the UK;
  • When visit the UK on a family or work visa;
  • When go to the UK to study.

If you relocate to UK for study and you need attestation of educational documents, you can get in touch with our agents. Our expert team members located at our UK notary can notarize your documents. 

Reasons for attestation of educational documents 

Please find below the set of reasons why you need a degree certificate attestation:

  • To get a labor card or employment visa for the majority of the designations;
  • To attend a foreign university for further education;
  • To complete MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. of Health) examinations by medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, etc;
  • To obtain equivalent certificates.

For additional details about the attestation of educational documents, you are recommended to get the services of our team members. 

Degree certificate attestation procedure 

The UK’s legalization procedure requires the attestation of educational certificates. The UK Embassy Attestation will validate the legitimacy of educational certificates such as degree, diploma, HSC, SSC, marksheet, and school report to get a student or job visa because it is a legal proof of your qualifications. The educational certificate that was provided by your institution must be authenticated by the UK Embassy in your nation since Embassy Attestation must be completed from the country where the document was issued.

Depending on where you choose to utilize your degree, there are two or three steps involved in getting it ready for use overseas. The degree certificate must always be notarized before being apostilled at the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office. This is frequently acceptable, and the degree certificate is then ready for use.

However, in some circumstances, you will also need to get the diploma legalized at the consulate of the nation where you plan to utilize it. Our notary members in UK can guide you on whether you need legalization of degree certificate after getting an apostille from the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office. This guide can help you to know if you are required to follow two or three steps for degree certificate attestation

Why choose our notary services in UK?

The services of our UK notary make a variety of operations that are mandated repeatedly considerably simpler, confirming consumer convenience. By introducing you to an approachable staff and helpful service, our notary in UK makes sure that we offer efficient services. You simply need to discuss the information for the service you need, and provide your original documents. Our team members will send you the translated and stamped documents that meet your requirements. 

Please allow us to explain how we can provide you with the quality services for degree certificate attestation:

  • Quick and dependable service: The services are genuine and legal, and our notary in London quickly verifies your paperwork. So, for the attestation of educational documents you are welcome to get in touch with our team members;
  • 24-hour customer service: Call our notary members any time, day or night, and we will take the time to consider your concerns and offer solutions. The team provides the finest support for the necessary replies because they are sensitive and patient;
  • Excellent service: The facilities at our notary are of the highest caliber and are genuine. Workplace accuracy and expertise are confirmed;
  • Comfort for the client: We value our customers, and we know how to use technology to make our services convenient for them. With our clients, we uphold process transparency.

If you have further questions about degree certificate attestation, you can contact with our team members.

Additionally, if you want notary services in Canary Wharf, you can also interact with our notary members located there.  They can also help you get an Apostille certificate. By apostilling documents, the government formally attests to the legality of a notary’s or other competent officer’s signature, seal, and license. A representative of the government verifies the signature and seal on the documents by comparing them to their records. After that, they will sign and seal a separate piece of paper with their authorization seal. The notarization’s authenticity is confirmed by this process. Get in touch with our notary in Canary Wharf if you need this certificate.