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Apostille for a Marriage Certificate in UK

Apostille for a Marriage Certificate in UK

If you want to live in another country with your spouse, you may be required to provide an apostilled marriage certificate as proof of your marriage to the authorities processing your visa, employment, and other data. The apostille for a marriage certificate in UK certifies that the document is legitimate and that all signatures are genuine. Your marriage may not be recognized in other countries if you do not have an apostilled certificate. This document is usually granted by the state where it was created. An apostilled certificate guaranteeing the legitimacy of signatures and seals can be affixed to any document and submitted to any nation recognizing the apostille. The authority receiving the document should accept the seals or signatures as genuine and authentic without requiring any further proof or evidence.

Some states that are not signatories to the Hague Apostille Convention, on the other hand, will demand additional steps before recognizing the notarized document. As a result, you can get in touch with our notary public in London for any information you want in this respect. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff members can assist you with acquiring an apostille for your marriage certificate in UK.

What can our notary in UK do for you?

The procedure of apostilling a marriage certificate in the United Kingdom can be performed in three simple steps with the help of our notary public in UK. To acquire an apostille for a marriage certificate in UK, you must:

  • Complete the online application form and pay the costs to have your apostilled online marriage certificate;
  • Send us a scanned copy of the original marriage certificate and our UK notary will take care of the apostille process for you;
  • The apostilled document will be returned to you by our notary public in UK.

With the help of our staff, obtaining an apostille for a marriage certificate in the UK is quick and straightforward. You can interact with our experienced team members to get their services. Furthermore, you can also get in touch with our notary in Hammersmith for its services.

Procedure for apostilling a marriage certificate in UK

Please find below the procedure for marrying and acquiring an apostille for a marriage certificate in UK:

  • If you are 16 years old or older and free to marry, you can get married in the United Kingdom (if you are single, widowed, or divorced). You could even form a civil partnership with someone (only for same-sex couples);
  • To register your marriage, you must first file a notification with your local register office, after which you must hold a civil/religious ceremony. This notification will be exhibited at the registration office for 28 days. After this time has passed, you are allowed to marry;
  • Before your marriage certificate may be used internationally, it must first be legalized. An apostille stamp is used to legalize a marriage certificate in nations members of the Hague Convention.

An apostille stamp is an official certificate that certifies the document’s legitimacy for lawful usage within and outside the UK. The attestation of your marriage certificate by the apostille verifies that it is valid and may be used in other countries. In addition to an apostille for a marriage certificate in UK, you can also obtain our notary services in London if you need an apostille for a birth certificate.

When do you need an apostille?

Here are some examples of when an apostille may be required to authenticate a marriage certificate:

  • Obtaining overseas citizenship and other immigration requirements;
  • Obtaining proof of marriage to certify employment overseas;
  • Registering a marriage overseas;
  • Executing a will;
  • Purchasing/selling land and estates overseas.

All states must verify state-issued marriage certificates. For example, if the individual is married in London, the marriage certificate must be apostilled by a London notary. If the state seeking the marriage certificate is not a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention, additional verification may be required. If you need any other circumstances where you may need an apostille for a marriage certificate in UK, you can get in touch with our notary public in London.

Notaries in the United Kingdom

According to the Notaries Society in UK:

  • There are roughly 775 notaries in the United Kingdom; 
  • 725 of these are members of the Notaries Society, which promotes the interests of this profession; 
  • Approximately 150 of the UK notaries are also qualified as attorneys.

For further information about our notary services in London, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will provide you with expert advice on this matter. Furthermore, our notary in London will ensure that your application for an apostille for a marriage certificate in the UK is processed as quickly as possible to utilize it. In addition to this, our team members also provide notary services in Canary Wharf. So, you are also welcome to interact with our team members there.  We also offer legalization services at our notary in Canary Wharf. Even with the Apostille and consular legalization stamped affixed to the document, it could still be rejected when submitted to the local requesting authorities because legalization can be a time-consuming process that is very specific to the particular country. This means that it must be strictly followed from the beginning of the process when a notary public or solicitor is certifying the document.