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Notary Public

UK Notary Services

Numerous documents necessary for natural persons or for legal entities must be drawn and signed by a notary. Through this, the document will be recognized from a legal point of view and can be further used for its specific purpose. For instance, natural persons involved in inheritance matters will need to have a set of documents notarized.

 Quick Facts  
Notary mission The notary is a legal person who performs certain legal formalities, for example certifies contracts, deeds, and other documents for use in other countries.

What types of services are provided by our notary in UK?

Our notary in UK notarizes documents and reduces the chances of counterfeiting.

Contact our UK notary for a detailed list of services.

Which documents are notarized by our team?

– sale deeds,

– wills,

– power of attorney,

– adoption acts,

– affidavits,

– contracts,

– medical documents, etc. 

On which basis does a notary in UK charge services fees?

Per document basis, hourly basis.  

Standard fee for an apostille in UK


Standard fee for translation of a document

£129 + VAT

Fee for urgent notary certification


£30 – £75

Is UK signatory to Hague convention?


The office that issues the apostille stamp Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) 
Do UK notary charge higher fees for corporate documents? (Yes/No)

Yes, because it involves more work.

Are the notaries employed/funded by the UK government? (Yes/No)

No, they are not employed/funded by the UK government.

Are UK notaries self-employed?


Variation in fee structure depending upon documents or urgency of matter 

Yes, prices may vary depending upon the type of document or urgency of matter.

Are UK notary services available for local/international individuals? For both of them


Notary in UK provides electronic notarization (Yes/No) Yes, our notary in UK provides e-notarization.


Persons involved in the registration of a company will need to sign the company’s statutory documents in front of a public notary. Thus, persons who are living in London, UK, can request assistance on a wide range of services. Our notary in London can help our clients with basic services, such as granting the power of attorney, managing mortgages documents and others.

What are the basic notary services in London?

The services of our notary public in London are addressed to individuals and legal entities, and they cover, besides the ones presented above, legalization services as well. Legalization refers to the process through which various documents are legally recognized and they can be used in various legal situations.

In given situations, a person may need to have official documents translated in English. This is always done with the assistance of a notary public in London, who has the necessary expertise to provide the most accurate translation of legal documents, which can refer to contracts, personal identity documents, travel documents and others.

What types of corporate documents can be notarized in London?

Those involved in a business in London may need to notarize a wide range of corporate documents. Here, our notary in London can assist businessmen on the notarization of the following: the certificate of incorporation of a company, drawing and signing the articles of association and the memorandum, signing powers of attorney (which give the right to a specific person to act on behalf of the company) or notarizing contracts, these being only a part of the documents our notary can help you with.

What notary services in London can individuals obtain?

As said above, natural persons can also address to a notary in London for the purpose of authenticating or notarizing various papers. In this sense, our notary can provide professional assistance on documents such as: property documents, adoption documents, affidavits, the attestation of certificates issued by educational institutions, certified translations, sponsorship documents and others.

It must be noted that if you need a certified translation, our notary can provide not only English-translated documents, but also certified translations in other foreign languages. This can be done with the assistance of certified translators, who have the right of providing this type of service.

How can a notary public in London help in drawing a will?

A will is a document through which a person states the manner that his or her estate will be distributed amongst heirs after the passing of the said person. Although the person is allowed to provide very clear specifications with regards to this matter, the document has to meet the requirements of the inheritance legislation and thus, it must respect specific criteria in order to be considered legally valid.

If you address to a notary in London, you can clearly state who your executor will be (the person who will be in charge with making sure that the wishes are met in accordance with the provisions of the will), you can state who can be a guardian for minor children or leave certain objects to specific persons.

How many notaries are in the UK?

There are numerous notaries operating throughout London and the UK, specialized in providing various types of services for natural persons and companies. A notary in London is seen as part of the legal profession and one should know that this is also the oldest type of legal professional regulated under the UK rules, having the following characteristics:

  • this legal profession was regulated, up until 1553, by the papal authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury and, after that, the profession was regulated under the UK Crown;
  • persons working as notaries will need to have a university degree (a general rule, but not always necessary) as prescribed by the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990;
  • according to the Notaries Society, the UK has approximately 775 notaries;
  • out of these, 725 are members of the Notaries Society, the organization which represents the interests of this profession;
  • an important part of the UK notaries, of approximately 150, are also qualified as solicitors.

Please contact us for more notary services in London. Our team is ready to assist you with professional advice. Moreover, our notary in London will make sure that your documents will be processed as soon as possible, so that you can use them for your benefit. Besides London, if you are seeking any services related to a notary in Canary Wharf, our agents can assist you. Notaries establish facts on your behalf and that of the foreign company, person, or government body you are conducting business with. So, get in touch with our agents if you need any notary services to execute your business abroad.